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Memories—My youth

But first, as the saying goes let’s start at the beginning.

I am writing this page with thoughts I had during the day.

I got up late and cleaned the bathroom that is mostly occupied by cats.

They are a joy, but having pets comes to a necessary responsibility.

I diligently clean the litter boxes but then I scrub the floor with a mop to prevent the pee smell.

I write these things because, at this stage of my life, I had hoped the cats had a “plug” for their derrieres.

It is hard work and my sense of smell has increased over the years.

My job now does as an internet marketer does not require that I clean anything up.

Although I suspect some people who are Affiliate Marketers from Wealthy Affiliate—a company giving me the education to learn how to become a successful internet marketer—may need to rinse their mouth out with a non-toxic soap.

But Writing about My Youth is the Subject Now. 

I had wonderful parents.  They were both artistic people.

For example, in my early youth, my twin sister and I would sneak into the large living room.

We would sit quietly on the big sofa to listen to my lovely mom teaching piano.

They had two grand pianos.  I was 5 years old so I can not tell you what brand it was, but they were excellent pianos.

And my parents played duo-piano together.  In fact, they played professional duo piano for many years.  But while they practiced in

the living room, they did not mind us listening, in fact, they encouraged all of the siblings to do so.  I had an older brother, Michael, as well as my twin sister, Jeannie.

When they played the duo piano pieces while we listened, they had hoped to have us appreciate classical music.  piano and composition sheet music

They had been professional duo pianist but quit playing because dad just got too nervous on stage, although he played beautifully and technically more advanced than my mom.

But my mom had perfect pitch and composed music.

My dad was a popular concert band director.  He was well respected and loved.  Have you ever ‘loved’ a teacher?

Well, I can give an example that shows he was well loved.

What’s Love All About?

Thirty-five years after my dad stopped teaching band, my mom and dad received a personal letter from one of the band students. 

My mom read it with curiosity.

They were invited to attend a reunion dinner to honor my dad whom they wanted to visit and reminisce about what they had

remembered the one year dad was the high school Concert Band Director.  Almost all his band students had planned the event.

Only the students from the band would attend…

They were both invited back to Stillwater where my dad had taught band.   He must have been an exceptional teacher. Image, Everyone has a story to tell

They had lots of stories to tell.  Many had tears in their eyes.  But all of them were glad to see and talk with him again!!

When my parents returned home, they were ecstatic.  Every student had a story to tell about dad.   I guess that was more than 30 different stories: many were funny, a few scary and mostly respectful.

Dad had introduced them for the first time to Classical Band Music.

Obviously, they never forgot that one year of classical music and a teacher worthy of their love and respect.

That honor has never happened to me except when I taught refugees English.

But the only thing I could say was that I was onlyBand students invitation

popular and liked.

That was love for a teacher, was that proved?

They had many memories in their life.  



But there was one eventuality, my dad, like a character in my content, moved me to reminisce.

That memory enabled me to build a Website beginning with my dad’s creative artwork.

That grand art was a 47- foot cowboy who wore authentic Levi jeans.   

The 47 foot cowboy in Canyon, 1960


But, that was a time at the end of the list when I had a chance to work at home to become an internet marketer!

I will just come back to that present memory shortly.

All in all, I had an easy and uncomplicated time in my youth.  I do have some sad memories of those early years.

I learned my basic education even through college by sitting close to my teacher in the front row.

Reading their lips and looking at the information that was written on the blackboard, I got average grades in school,

That kept people from noticing my hearing loss.

A deaf person's isolation

I wish I could have learned and heard all my lessons in school.  Maybe I could have passed Algebra!

No, but having a profound hearing loss kept me being a loner.  It defined my life.  I know I could have been more successful— in school, in creating art, in writing, in learning—in life.  I do not look at “success” in that way, however.  My spiritual life as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses I had a close relationship with God, whose name is Jehovah.  I serve him with a close sincere heart.

But, this did not happen until 1993, so I am getting ahead of myself.  I just thought I would add it here instead of later.

My memories in my later youth from 4th grade to the end of high school.

I may use old-fashioned terms and argot to write my memories of youth, but I think anyone who happens to read this story will

understand what I am writing in my 74-year-old thoughts.

The town I lived in and studied in the public school system was a small town that I learned later to dislike the small town politics.

small town street

It was the typical town that ignored the University which was in the biggest part of town.

It was the kind of town that if you were not born there, then you were a transient.  I hated that kind of prejudice.

And my mom accompanied the voice majors in their singing lessons and their music recitals at the University.  I had an air of culture in our home since students would come there to practice.

When the curio shop business was brand new, dad invited all the Canyon City of Commerce members to Open House.  This is a common practice for businesses to invite the local population and other businesses a place of welcome.

No one showed up to welcome dad’s business.  Even when dad built the big 47-foot cowboy most people in that town never came to the curio shop since the beginning.

They basically ignored all the works dad did.  But his business was with the tourist anyway. And I do not know how many thousands of people visited the Corral Curio Shop and Motel. 

Even today a lot of the elderly in Denver remember the cowboy with the Levi jeans.  And Denver is not even in Texas.

Dad found a building and re-built it by himself.  It was not the last of his building projects.

This is a picture showing his first statue of a cowboy.  It was his first and it was only 22-feet tall.

Dad's first business-a curio shop called Corral Curio Shop

Short compared to the big one which was 47-feet tall.  Do you see my dad?

He ignored the town and centered his business on the tourist trade.  Dad had fun and so did my mom.  She would watch the curio shop and he would work at the Amarillo Air Force Base and “created” his building projects part-time and on weekends.

I remember everything now that I am older and retired.  One of the best memories I had was in the 1950s when dad had his coke drinking mule, Francis.

Dad and mom worked very hard to have a successful tourist business.   Dad created art and was happy and loved each one of his creations very much.

How About Your Marriage?  Were you content?

My marriage and divorce left an empty spot in my heart at the time.   My first husband, James was a classical guitar major at the

North Carolina School of the Arts or so it was called in 1969.

James’ teacher, Jesus Silva, had studied with Andres Segovia, the most famous classical guitarist in the World at that time.

We got married in Amarillo and left for a trip to California to look for the best guitar.  James found one and was extremely happy to have such a great sounding guitar.

While in Amarillo, he would play electric guitar in these large bars.  It was more jazz than rock music in those days.

I married James when I was a senior at West Texas State University.  I was an average student, but considering my hearing loss, I think that was satisfactory.

We moved to Winston Salem, North Carolina.  That state was the most beautiful I have ever lived in and I have lived in several states.

After two years, James bought our home in Wake Forest.  It was near his school and we had enough room for a couple of students to make a little money while he went to school.

I have fond memories of one student who rented a room for one year while he was in school and there were others over the three years we lived in our home.

When I married James, I forgot all about the projects my dad build; the 47-foot cowboy, the clever signs, the motel, the 22-foot cowboy, and the gunfighter museum

I had even forgotten about the big cowboy, the 47-foot cowboy.  Youth deal in the present; the past is not “with them”.

I got pregnant with James at the beginning of our 4th year of marriage.  Sadly, he told me he did not want a baby.

When I was 8 months pregnant, he left for Span on a tour with a group to talk with Segovia.

When he returned to New York, I was with my parents with the brand new baby, James Thomas.

I soon found out that my husband James had found another woman who did not want children either.

That was a sad memory because I loved him very much.  He had many wonderful qualities and was very talented with the classical guitar.

The last I heard from him was while I was in Amarillo with my parents.  He told me I was a good wife and his life with me was good and his adultery was not on account of what I did or did not do.

A sad woman

I was very unhappy at the time.

After I left Amarillo with a young baby, I worked as a teacher in Dallas and other cities.

I did not like teaching Speech Therapy, but the kids liked me and I was a good, but average teacher.

Many kids go to college or a university, finish and go to work somewhere where they could practice the subject of their degree.

But many hate their profession and eventually go the work in another job.

All that time and money spent in school and to work at something not even related to their degree.  Many are unemployed.

I did many different things during those years I was teaching.  I met my second husband while I lived in Dallas.

My friend found him at the Airport so sad looking.

She asked him if he needed a ride and was told he was going to New Mexico to report to the Air Force Base.

He had about a 10-hour wait.

Karla, my friend took him to her apartment and introduced me to Milton who ended up being my second husband.

Final divorce

After years of a wretched time for both of us, we divorced.

Lonely woman waiting


With my first husband, I had a son named James and with my second husband, I had a daughter, Natasha.

I dated off and on and looked sometimes for a man who would be a good husband.

I found none that were suitable for my son and daughter.

I have a few memories from those times; some good and some bad.  I was bad at times, but I helped a lot of people and that is a can not satisfying memory.

One of the best memories I had was when I taught refugees from Emily Griffith Opportunity School from 1979 to 1986.

I am sorry I quit to go into a direct sales business.

I loved the job of teaching English to adult refugees.

Now, that was a happy experience and I remember my teacher friends, especially Susanne, Mike, and Kay.

It Is About Old Age, bad health and a New Challenge. 

I am old now and am on the last list or the last of my journey.  You know even though my dad was a genius, he could not spell the short easy words.  I wonder if I am a genius since I cannot spell some words.

I made a Website.  I should say I built a Website.  My dad built the 47-foot cowboy and he worked full time at the Amarillo Air Force Base as a writer and editor of technical manuals.  It was in his spare time that he built the other projects that I listed already.

Before I built the Website, “find me jeans” with the title, ‘501 Levi original and tall & original fit jeans for men, I had challenged an oil executive in a certain company about their calculations on the distribution results. Shell oil company


I had to learn basic math to do that, but I did not have to use Algebra.


My pictorial exhibit was built soon after my conflict with the oil company.  They won by the way.

The pictorial exhibit took 4 months of hard work to finish.   It was heavy.  It was 8-feet wide and 48 inches tall.  It contained all the works or events in the life of my dad; from 1935 to his death in 1997.

This part of the exhibit shows the right side.The folding right side of the pictorial exhibit

I could give lessons on the subject of Pictorial Exhibit Design.

After I took the Pictorial Exhibit to Amarillo for an appearance, I came home and I thought about internet marketing.

I chose the Wealthy Affiliate school after I had checked to see if they were a scam.  I could tell they were honest and stable.

So, anyone interested in internet marketing, check out Wealthy Affiliate.  After all, you can take classes free until you decide on being a Premium member.  Tell them I sent you.

In January 2016, I  entered the free classes just to see if I could do it.   I knew I had to learn how to use the computer, but I wanted the time to do something worthwhile before I died.

I did not know much about how to use a computer.  At first, I was afraid It would be like algebra.  But after a few weeks, I joined the premium and have never regretted my decision.

Can you guess what it is about, my niche and my Website’s title?  Here is a picture that tells all about my site, but now I have to go to finish writing my Product Review and putting more items on my page, Accessories.

Levi jean niche was and is a passion of mine, but writing has also been a discovery along with the building of the Pictorial Exhibit Design.

In case you want to know, that exhibit weighs so much that my daughter, Natasha and I both have to slide it to reach the other room.  It is made of heavier plywood and is more pores.  The length is 8 feet long and 48 inches tall.  The two sides swing open and shut.

You can learn all about the pictorial exhibit on my Website, ‘501® Levi® original and tall & big original fit jeans for men.’

By the way, I love Levi Strauss and Company.  Just reading about Strauss and Davis reminded me of my dad.

I hope you have enjoyed the pictures.   Please read the Posts stories for your entertainment.

And do not forget to comment.  I would love to read your thoughts about my stories.  Do you have any questions about them?  Do you have any suggestions?   You can email me at  When you put your email down, it will not be used in an improper manner and is confidential.

My best,  Judy

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