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Blue light reflecting from a Police CarThe Unexpected Call—dreaded and late

How would you react to a late unexpected call from the police while you were asleep in bed?

 Francis, our coke drinking mule whose home is behind the curio shop, but visits people who give him a bottle of coke to drink is Keeping Company with the Police at 2:00 in the Morning.

It was a morning just like this.  A time for sleeping waiting for dawn.   My dad answered the dreaded call.




One late night late, dad received a call from the police.   They said,

Mr. Wheeler, you need to come out and take a look at your mule!!

Do calls from the police make it a polite complaint?

Dad rushed out and ran to the front of the curio shop where Francis was kept in the back.  

With only his slippers and the same pants and shirt, dad had worn earlier that night, he ran with tears in his eyes.  

That mule loved dad and followed him everywhere and this story is understandably a concern for Dad.

Do you think so too?    Find out how Dad handled the call.

Now, from the house to the curio shop was about 3/4 to a block long or more and I think Dad could have been an athletic runner that night.

He was thinking that Francis was out and was lost or had died.

Who knows what dad’s other thoughts were going inside his head.   

But the police were calm and were looking up the highway right in front of the curio shop.  They calmly told dad, Mr. Wheeler, we are worried about your mule (a little pause here) getting run over on the highway over there.   He got loose somehow.”    The big cowboy with his 501® Levi® original fit jeans was not even in dad’s imagination 

question mark                                                                                               
  Are the police worried about Francis?

The ‘highway’ was a two-lane highway (road) at the time.   Dad looked horrified.  But the policeman calmed dad down by saying, “Francis is not trying to run away, Mr. Wheeler.  Just watch the highway.”

Dad looked up the highway where the police were pointing, and sure enough, he saw Francis prancing back down the highway.  It was dark you know, but sounds seemed to carry.

dark night on the road

 The Police figure it out!

But the policeman continued.  We didn’t know what to do and we figured you would be able to get your mule tied up again a lot better than we could.”

They were having fun; they would now be able to relate the story to pals at the police station.

Dad thanked the policemen and ran on the highway to retrieve Francis, and when Francis saw Dad, he leisurely followed him docilely back to his sleeping area behind the curio shop.

By then Dad and the policemen were laughing!

There was no longer any danger of Francis being run over by a car. the policeman remarked,

“We figured he was not trying to run away”

“He just wanted to listen and liked how his hooves sounded on the pavement.”


Dad and the police were all smiles on the way to where they were going, and dad slept comfortably after telling mom what had happened.


woman's laughter

    Yes, Francis behaved beautifully. 

Did you enjoy reading this story?  Just like all my stories, this one is also true.  Francis was an unusual mule, or maybe he was a large donkey.   I was only 10 years old at the time.  Dad trained him behind our home in a large field.  He started building a lean-to for Francis to sleep.

Then, he trained him to drink water out of a bottle.  Later, he added the coke.  It was love at first drink and loved dad too at the time he was a wild one.

He followed dad everywhere.  Mules do that to the one who they will be loyal and loving to for the rest of their lives.  (both)

Werre you surprised at the ending?   Do you think I should write a series of my mule stories for publication?

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That mule was something else again.    Would you like to buy a DVD about Francis, the actor, with Donald O’Connor, the actor as the voice for the Mule, Francis?  You can buy one or a set.

I saw these movies in the 1950’s.  People loved to go the movies.  “Francis, The Talking Mule’ was very popular.  

Dad had our mule Francis in front of the theater.  There was a sign posted introducing Francis.  People wanted him to say something.  They were serious!!  

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