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 “Hello” to all!     My name is Judy and I am here to tell you about the 501® Levi® original fit jeans for men.   I am objective and candid, but I do like the looks or the 501® Jeans®.   The Product Review may help you decide to buy and wear these jeans.                  gears that show confusion

1.    Title:  

501® Levi® original and tall & big original fit jeans for men

The accessories include jean jackets; shirts: polo shirts; coats; sneakers; formal shoes; and other items. 

These products do not have reviews since people know these products.   If you have a question, email me at 

501 original fit jean for men2.    Introduction:     

” Are the 501® Levi® original and tall & big original fit jeans, right for you considering the price; the fit; the durability; the style? 

All sizes are available to choose from.   If you like a pair of 501® jeans®, you will find a text link or a banner next to the jeans or in the content.

I hope to have a video made with some men who wear 501® jeans®.  The pros and the cons will be discussed.

Emily Griffith Opportunity School was where I taught English as a Second language to refugees from Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and other countries.

They had classes in different subjects such as computer classes, welding, GED classes, hairdressing and other classes for the different trades.

Then they built a new Emily Griffith Opportunity School.

They have more classes and the school looks modern; in fact, they also have new exciting classes.   Still, I like the old school better.  It had a personality.

The teachers were friendly too.  The school is located in Denver, Colorado.  We all had fun together.  Now it has closed down.

The new school is supposed to be formal and up to date with new programs and classes.   They also have a film school.  I will take advantage of the class beginning in September.

I taught from 1986 to 1993 and loved every minute.  The film that I had planned to use an interview is with some who have 501 Levi jeans.

I want the film interview candid, funny, and honest about what they think about the 501 jeans.  Here is my school where I used to teach.

 School for Refugees from Southeast Asia

Many of you may ask why I chose the 501® Levi jeans for men as the product on my website?   I have a pair of 501® Levi® jeans, but normally I wear the jeans for ladies. 

So, you ask, why did I choose a product I do not wear all the time? 

The answer is these particular jeans were worn by the 47-foot cowboy my dad built in 1960.

I would like to tell a short story about my experience with 501® Levi® jeans.  My parents owned a curio shop and motel both of which he built by himself in the 1950’s.  

In 1959, I was 16 years old when my dad, William Harry Wheeler built the 47-foot cowboy.  The cowboy’s jeans were made by the Levi Strauss & Co sewing manufacturing company in Amarillo, Texas.  You can barely see this on the sign giving the information about the cowboy.

Judy is 16 years old standing next to a sign telling about the big cowboy

He had to start from scratch.  He did not have the automatic lift from the trucks.  He had to build his own railings to get on top of the cowboy. 

dad adjusting something from the cowboy's head frame.

The 1950s and the 1960s was a happy childhood memory; that is, to be there for the building of the Corral Curio Shop and the 6-Unit Motel.   

He built the curio shop first.  Then he built a small 22-foot cowboy.  There were a lot of cowboys around that loved their jeans.

dad standing next to the 22-foot cowboy

This cowboy does not have the pair of jeans.   Do you see my dad on top of the porch to the curio shop?


Later, I saw him sew the original denim jeans on the cowboy using his hand-made railings.  But Levi Strauss & Co was happy to provide the jeans.

It cost my dad nothing.  Of course, dad built a large sign giving the specifics of the cowboy and recognized and thanked Levi Strauss & Co for making the jeans!

They were perfect and beautiful!   Dad had to hurry to sew his jeans on with Sailor’s wire/thread.   

 Wheeler's 47-foot cowboy My memories at that time were happy and innocent.

The cowboy; the jeans; the shirt; the movies; the business; our mule who drank cokes out of a bottle; the motel; the signs; and the Gunfighter museum are all part of the 1950s and the 1960s.   

Some of which I have shared with you on my website.  Some of you may already know that you want the jeans.

There were 1000’s of people who saw this cowboy with the Levi® jeans®.   

When I started my Website at Wealthy Affiliate, I chose the 501® Levi® original and tall & big original fit jeans for men.  I wanted these original fit jeans for men as my Website.

I just remembered those jeans from my past and I wanted people to again be interested in the 501® Jeans®.  Basically, this is the reason why I chose jeans as my product on my Website.

If you would like to work at home to build a Website and earn some commissions and mostly have fun, then check out Wealthy Affiliate.

Now the big cowboy has been painted by the City of  Canyon.  I want people to remember how my dad struggled for about a year to build the 47-foot cowboy and to do so, is to read some of my Website in your spare time.

3.  Product Description


find me jeans
                            jean jacket with a different color pair of jeans

model wearing a Levi outfit


Wear these jeans any way you like.  Youtube has a video about styles and fits.  Look them up if you have time.   It can give you new ideas and looks.



Product Features:  For 501 Levi original fit and tall and big original fit jeans for men.

  • price is reasonable
  • jeans are durable and comfortable
  • the fit is expected by the majority
  • machine washable–best not to wash them too often
  • comfortable fly-closure–stands to reason
  • made of 100 % cotton 
  • various colors to choose from
  • easy to read customer questions
  • free shipping for some sizes and colors
  • shipping is prompt
  • some discount sales price for some colors and sizes & Easy ordering 


The  501 Levi tall and big original fit jeans are from $ 49.69- $ 69.50   Now you can find the original fit for $ 24.27

The 501 Levi original fit jeans are $ 21.99- $ 69.95  Now the highest price is $89.97


  1. 16-inch leg opening
  2. Tall and Big– imported from Mexico
  3. original fit–Poland



Imported from Mexico

  1.   Classic fit five-pocket jean with signature arcuate stitching on  the back pocket
  2.    Logo patch at back waistband
  3.    Red tab at back pocket

SIZE FIT:   28 ” TO 42″ and leg length is 30, 32, 34, & 36   My advice to visitors is to measure again and to check the sizes.  Sometimes sizes may change.

COLORS:   dark stonewash and medium stonewash for the Tall and Big and the original fit, there are all colors except Dark Blue;  Black;  Rigid; Taupe.




For the 501 Levi original fit jeans are $ 27.99- $ 69.50 &                                       free returns on some colors and sizes.


  1.    Straight leg jean featuring five-pocket jean with signature                                      arcuate stitching on the back pocket
  2.     Leg opening- 16 inches
  3.    Modified construction on the front fly to prevent tearing
  4.    Imported from Poland
SIZE FIT:    28″ TO 42″ and leg length is 30, 32, 34, & 36
COLORS:   All colors except —  blue, dark blue and rigid (taupe)                                                These popular colors may be available later!


                                                        An Apology
I am a woman and so I have not had the first-hand view for these jeans, but I have read a lot of reviews from customers from Amazon.
I depended on Amazon since they have a reputation for giving honest reviews in details even if negative.
I did buy a pair of men’s jeans at a thrift shop.  They had the zipper enclosure.  I found them to be well made and wondered why a customer got rid of them.
I am glad the customer sent his jeans to a thrift store rather than to throw them away to find its way to the dump grounds.
That is the idea Levi Strauss & Co has stressed about sustainability.
The article calls for excellent reading.
3.   Customer Description
501 Levi original fit jeans for men

The customers on Amazon say the fit is 81 %

5 star review for fit

5 STAR–63%
4 STAR–16%
3 STAR–8%
2 STAR–5%
1 STAR–8%

Too small—–1,444

Somewhat small—–1,352

 Fit as expected—–18, 605

Somewhat large—–949

Too large—–440

Customer comments as reported by Amazon’s customer’s review.
“Now my comment fit as expected only makes sense if you were and know 501s.”
Dominique La Garde | Fit: As expected
“They’re comfortable, and they fit as expected.”
Super-Elastic | Fit: As expected
“The 501’s have a little more room and I was immediately comfortable even after sitting at my desk all day.”
Amazon Customer | Fit: As expected


501 Levi tall and big original fit jeans for men
7 customer reviews and 3 answered questions
The customers on Amazon say the fit is 64 % as expected.
customer review by stars 3.7 out of 5 stars

5 star—43 %

4 star—43 %

3 star—0 %

2 star—14 %

1 star—0 %

Size Fit:
too small—–2
somewhat small—-2
fit as expected—–16
somewhat large—–4
Comments about the fit.
“Great fit great price.”
        Bhavani Brown | Fit: As expected
“( I’m working on it 🙂 And well let’s just say jeans with a button fly present some interesting challenges.”
        Shawn | Fit: As expected
“Pockets are a good depth, and construction quality seems to be pretty good for an inexpensive pair of jeans.”
        Kris | Fit: As expected
How to measure for both of these sizes of 501 original fit jeans?


instructions to measure size for 501 jeans

4.  The attributes


Pro for items

con meaning against