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My name is Judy and I am here to tell you about the 501® Levi® original fit jeans for men.   I believe I am objective and candid, but I do like the looks or the 501® Jeans®.   The Product Review may help you decide if you want to buy and wear these jeans.


gears that show confusion






1.    Title:  

Commuters and 501® Levi® original and tall & big original fit jeans for men

My domain name is

The Pages include Best Commuter™ bikes;  Bicycle ™Accessories; Cycling™ clothing; 501® Jean® orders; Jean® Accessories.

There is a review of the Commuter™ Products will also be reviewed.

The Jean Accessories do not have reviews since people know about these products.  YouTube also introduces you to some of the product.  Or sometimes they just enhance the products.   If you have a question, email me at 

2.    Introduction:

The concerns that are included in this review.

  1.  How to find the right size and fit?
  2. How to tell if your jeans are fake?
  3. What should I do if the jeans are damaged or unfit or some other legitimate complaint?
  4. Where are the jeans made?
  5. Why are the jeans not like they used to be?
  6. What does the word “stretch” mean when buying a certain type of jeans?
  7. What other manufactures would you recommend?
  8. What is the Pro and Con of the jeans?
  9. Are the 501 Levi original and tall & big original fit jeans right for me considering the price; the fit; the durability; the style?    

” Are the 501® Levi® original and tall & big original fit jeans, right for you considering the price; the fit; the durability; the style? 

There are different sizes that Amazon has to share with you.   The introduction to each product has the link (color blue) that takes you to Amazon so you can get the specifics on the product or item you wish to review.

What is the background of the owner of the site, find me jeans?

Emily Griffith Opportunity School was where I taught English as a Second language to refugees from Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and other countries.

I begin with this school because it was my favorite and feel that I have helped the most in their success.  That is and was important to me.

Emily Griffith had classes in different subjects such as computer classes, welding, GED classes, hairdressing and other classes for the different trades.

I like the old school and I know it had a pleasant personality.

The teachers were friendly too.  The school is located in Denver, Colorado.  We all had fun together.  Now it has closed down.

I taught from 1986 to 1993 and loved every minute.  I graduated from the University in 1969 and taught Speech Therapy for many years.  Then came the years of teaching ESL.  I retired when I was 62 and of course, the income is not as good as it was while I was working.  Now, I have a fixed income and have housing.  But all is well since I have the opportunity to be more expressive in my creative endeavors.School for Refugees from Southeast Asia

Many of you may ask why I chose the 501® Levi® jeans for men as the product of my website?   I have a pair of 501® Levi® jeans, but, by habit, I wear dresses most of the time.

So, you ask, why did I choose a product I do not wear all the time?  How could I have a passion for them if I did not wear them all the time throughout my life?  

These questions can be answered simply.  Memories.  These particular jeans were worn by the 47-foot cowboy my dad built working full-time as an editor and writer of technical manuals at the Amarillo Air Force Base.  It took him a year to build the statue and finished in 1960.  Memories.  Wearing dresses as a teacher was another habit to break.  Memories.  Maybe, if you are older (not my age, however) you have your own memories and I for one, am interested.

Are the 501 Levi jeans a passion for you?  I have spoken to so many people at different places and jeans are a natural extension of their lives so much so that they don’t think about it every morning they get dressed.

Maybe, this is the first time you have considered Levi jeans or are thinking of changing their zipped Levi jeans to the button Levi jeans.

Personally, I would think for a man that the button-fly jean would be more comfortable.  I think they are more have more class and are very sensual.

But, this Product Review will be based on actual information and I will try to be as candid as possible.  I intend also to show a few YouTube videos that will explain things better than I would.  I will show a video or two about the complaints or worries for the first-time wearers of 501 Levi original and tall and big original fit jeans for men.

Now, I have added the subject of Commuters.  I will add that along with the jeans.  Besides, I am thinking of saving money and buying a certain bike I believe to be the best.  You know the adage; once learned one never forgets.  Only, I learned how to ride a bike when I used the pedals to break or slow down.

What is the Background of the Levi jeans?

I would like to tell a short story about my experience with 501® Levi® jeans; my memories.  I guess you could say, the bicycles were a memory also.  {along with drive-in movies}  My parents owned a curio shop and motel both of which Dad built by himself in the 1950s.  

In 1959, I was 16 years old when my dad, William Harry Wheeler built the 47-foot cowboy.  The cowboy’s jeans were made by the Levi Strauss & Co–LS&Co– sewing manufacturing company in Amarillo, Texas. 

You can barely see this on the sign giving the specific information about the cowboy; the weight, height, size of the material, and yes, he was the biggest Texan. 

He was really 49-feet tall, but the newspapers said 47-feet and it was kept at that height.  The other cowboy, in Dallas, did not have the image and personality of the big cowboy my dad built. But, truthfully he was 2 inches taller.

Judy is 16 years old standing next to a sign telling about the big cowboy

He had to start from scratch.  He did not have the automatic lift from the trucks.  He had to build his own railings to get on top of the cowboy. 

dad adjusting something from the cowboy's head frame.

The 1950s and the 1960s was a happy childhood memory; that is, to be there for the building of the Corral Curio Shop and the 6-Unit Motel.   

He built the curio shop first.  Then he built a small 22-foot cowboy.  There were a lot of cowboys around that loved their jeans.

dad standing next to the 22-foot cowboy

This cowboy does not have the pair of jeans.   Do you see my dad on top of the porch to the curio shop?


Later, I saw him sew the original denim jeans on the cowboy using his hand-made railings.  But Levi Strauss & Co was happy to provide the jeans. 

At that time, the big cowboy with his authentic Levi jeans, had a large reputation throughout the United States because the tourist talked about ‘that big cowboy with the real Levi jeans’.

It cost my dad nothing.  Of course, dad built a large sign giving the specifics of the cowboy and recognized and thanked Levi Strauss & Co for making the jeans!

They were perfect and beautiful!   Dad had to hurry to sew his jeans on with Sailor’s wire/thread.  After all, there for awhile the cowboy did not have his Levi jeans to wear.  This picture was given to me to post by Angelica Paez.  Please search her name in Google.

The big cowboy named now Tex Randall


My memories at that time were happy and innocent.

The cowboy; the jeans; the shirt; the movies; the business; our mule who drank cokes out of a bottle; the motel; the signs; and the Gunfighter museum are all part of the 1950s and the 1960s.  They are all a part of my memories; a happy childhood.

Some of which I have shared with you on my website.  Some of you may already know that you want the Levi® jeans®.

I have shared this great true story about an artistic statue of a big statue by an artist, William Harry Wheeler. There were 1000’s of people who saw this cowboy ‘with the Levi® jeans’.®.   

Does it not make you want to wear those original 501 Levi button-fly jeans and either buy these jeans for the first time or else buy some more to put in your closet?

Or do you want to read the rest of the Product Review and learn a few secrets of my own?  Or, do you want to read more and come back to this Website if your interest remains? 

If the latter, please read some of the entertaining Posts articles that have no advertising in them; just plain, fun, true, colorful, and not easily forgotten stories, written by mói,  Judy 

If you are so inclined to do so now without finishing this Product Review, then here are the specifics for you and for the others who have not made up their mind.

Product:  501 Levi original fit jeans for men.

Product:  501 Levi original fit jeans for tall and big men.

Company:  Levi Strauss and Company

The place where the jeans are presented and sold:  {a really great company!}

Link to purchase the 501 Levi Original Fit Jeans

Link to purchase the 501 Levi tall and big original fit jeans for men


I just remembered those jeans from my past and I wanted people to again be interested in the 501® Jeans®.  Basically, this is another reason why I chose jeans as my product on my Website.

If you would like to work at home to build a Website and earn some commissions and mostly have fun, then check out Wealthy Affiliate University.  There is a free one you can join or try and the Premium and a monthly charge and more details.

I hope this Product Review was entertaining and informative.

In your spare time, read about the original Levi Strauss who was very much like my dad.  He had business acumen.  He was kind and humble to his employees.

His observance and ability to predict the success of his business, and the struggles to create that business all remind me of my dad.  Levi Strauss and Company and Amazon Company are today two of my favorite companies.

Just read about the first Levi Company and person, Levi Strauss and the same goes for Amazon.  Both were and are big conglomerates today that are known and are a symbol of excellence and rich, by the way.



FLY:   Button

RISE:   Sits at Waist

FIT:   Regular through the seat

LEG OPENING:   14.5 ”

STRETCH:   Some 501® Jeans® have stretch  

“All about Levi’s® 501 original fit jeans.”




Jeans of all brands have gone through various changes and have had all types of fad style.  I say fad because I had hoped that the looks of the jeans where you see the shorts of the man and want to tuck at the loose fitting crotch area,—pause here please— would pass.

Sometimes, I have wanted to shake the body of some young man, and tell him this, “Of course, in my view, these jeans you are wearing are simply ugly.”

I would point to the waist (waist?) and tell him his true waist and the rear end is the part that is sexy.  It doesn’t have to be tight, but it sure does not have to be on the young man.

Your jeans are clean; that is a plus for you.  But women, and I am not trying to be vulgar because I hate vulgarity, but how does a woman hug you and who are curious to find the area just below your rear and just above your legs in order to hug you properly.

I say, “go to the mirror with no one looking.  Look at yourself and imagine it is the way of this video.  Because your style is just ugly.


In these days now, the look or the style is changing.  Maybe, young people will learn to feel the same way as young men did in the 1960’s—cool and please pass the comb.

Wear these jeans any way you like.  YouTube has a video about styles and fits.  Look them up if you have time.   It can give you new ideas and perspectives.

Jeans can be worn in any style you like.  Boots, formal shoes, tennis shoes are the types of shoes one can wear.

Shirts can be Polo shirts, T-Shirts, short sleeve shirts for different occasions (work on evening out) long sleeve shirts, vests, sports jacket, blazers, corduroy, Jean Jackets, belts, no belts, socks, and no socks.

That just about covers any style that you like can be worn with jeans.  Perhaps, we can see the individuality of jeans by looking at a Show.


5.  Background of Jeans–some questions answered

“What is the definition of jeans according to Wikipedia? ”

Image result for all about jeans
Jeans are a type of pants or trousers, typically made from denim or dungaree cloth. Often the term “jeans” refers to a particular style of trousers, called “blue jeans”, which were invented by Jacob W. Davis in partnership with Levi Strauss & Co. in 1871 and patented by Jacob W. Davis and Levi Strauss on May 20, 1873.
Denim is the fabric used to make jeans.  Indigo dye is what makes the jeans blue on the inside and white on the inside.  That is the way to determine real blue jeans.
The different brands include Levi’s, ‎Dockers‎, Denizen, Signature.
The headquarters are in San Francisco, California.
The difference between cotton and denim is that cotton is a plant that encases its seed in a thin fiber that is harvested and used as a fabric or cloth while denim is a textile often made of cotton with a distinct diagonal pattern.









4.  The attributes


Pro for items

con meaning against



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