My Mule Stories-one-

Francis at a Tea Party at a fancy hotel downtown.


What do these stories have to do with 501 Levi original fit and tall & big original fit jeans for men?

Levi Strauss and my dad both had the same qualities and their way of doing business was similar.  I decided that these mule stories fitted in with the history of Levi Stauss & Co during the 1950’s.  
1950’s was the time dad trained his mule to drink coca cola out of a bottle; an innovative way to advertise his business, a curio shop named the Corral Curio Shop.  LS&Co also embarked on an innovative way for advertising and promoting his products.   Both a western motif. 
Both Levi Company and the curio shop catered to certain people.  Exciting times happened in the 1950’s for both the Corral Curio Shop and the Levi Company.  Let me begin this little saga so that all will understand why I included these mule stories.  These are my memories and I hope they will become yours too.

There are some funny stories about our mule, Francis. Here is the Levi Stauss & Co ‘s story in the 1950’s

What does this have to do with my website, 501 Levi original fit and tall & big original fit jean for men?  
Those were the times for rebellion, fashion, turnip greens, and soul music.  I love Levi jeans and I loved my childhood memories.  Now to another childhood memory; Francis, the coca cola bottle drinking mule.  

I know Francis was a friendly mule who loved my dad.  His mule followed him anywhere.  Mom stayed away, but she loved him too.

Dad found this wild mule in Palo Duro  Canyon.  It looks like a small Grand Canyon.
                                                                   Palo Duro Canyon near Amarillo, TX 
He tamed the mule and dad taught him to drink coca cola.  He followed dad whenever possible.  Mules are like that.
They are usually devoted to one individual.  You can read about mules.  They are so fascinating to learn about. 
Francis’ reputation grew as a mule who behaved beautifully and it came to no surprise that some elderly ladies invited dad and Frances to a tea party at a certain room
in a fancy hotel downtown.
By the way, my dad’s name was William Harry Wheeler.  He did many wonderful things in his life.  
Anyway, Dad said yes for taking Francis to a “tea party” thinking that the publicity about Francis would not hurt the curio shop business.
Dad later repeated the story to all of us about how Francis behaved.
Well, the hotel people led Francis across the beautiful, elegant lobby to the elevator.  Now then, Dad was getting more worried.  As you know a mule doesn’t go to a furnished bathroom, so Dad was a little afraid he would use the elevator on the trip up as a restroom.   But Francis behaved beautifully!

Well, will Francis continue to behave?

Next, they walked down a long hallway to the tea room.  Now, dad became really nervous.
So now I want you to picture a gorgeous room with many tables and balloons way up high.  It was bright and distracting.   All these ladies were dressed up to the tee.  
(pardon my pun)
Francis was led up by one of the ladies to the front so that everyone would see him.
                                                                                                                                                           Francis goes for tea
After the whoo’s and aha’s, the leader of the group gave a small talk while the ladies drank their tea and ate their cakes and cucumber sandwiches.  Francis was standing
next to her.
Again dad was a little more afraid Francis would use the tea room as a restroom.  Dad tried to look calm; not worried.  He was not even thinking about the possibility of
Francis biting!!
Time passed slowly for dad.  Sweat was dripping around his neck and under his armpits.

Will Francis continue to behave?

Finally, after 10 minutes or so, Dad was still smiling like it was glued on his face.  His mouth was not even twitching.   Dad just knew that it was too long for Francis to wait–
you guessed it–to go pee.
But, he did not.  Afterward the party, the elderly ladies petted Francis and said their “whoo’s” and “aha’s” and thanked my dad for the privilege of talking with Francis.   Dad
was so very proud of him; not one hee haw was given.  I believe Francis knew the party with these older ladies was a special event.
Then, Francis was led again to the elevator, crossed the lobby expanse and then dad led him out the door.  It was there on the pavement that Francis used it for his restroom. 
Dad guided him to the curb.
Both Francis and dad seemed relieved!!

Francis behaved beautifully!

        girl laughing
Beautiful happy stars
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If you are interested in the complete DVD collection of Francis, the Talking mule, click the link below.  I will be watching some of these movies too.  But I saw them when they first came out in the 1950’s!!


Francis the Talking Mule Complete Collection From Amazon.


Directed by:
10 hrs 4 mins




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