• READ LABEL FOR CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS for your 501 Levi Denim jeans and for tall and big, original and regular sizes.
  • The number one recommendations are to never wash your jeans or else wash then every 6 months.  (It all depends on the type of exposure you have when wearing your jeans.
  • If for example, you work outside in yard work, then probably you will need to wash your jeans.  I say to have an old pair to do this kind of work and have other pairs for extended wear.
  • Use common sense.  If you get frustrated or whatever, contact me by email with the comment box.   Various methods are added in the posts concerning the care of your jeans.)
To wash your jeans, turn jeans inside out.  ( Wash only dark jeans with other dark jeans, but wash just a few together.
This is not the case with lighter colors because dark colors will more than likely fade on other light colored jeans.)

Well here is my advice using other website and experience using common sense.

Use detergent made specifically for washing jeans or a color protection detergent.  (For dark jeans, I recommend Woolite Dark for washing jeans.  (not talking about the softener.)  There are others you may want to use, but be careful and read the label

You do not need a lot of laundry soap.  It all depends on how dirty your jeans are, and the more you use, the longer the rinse cycle.  

This is advice that is useful for sheets, for example, if you wash them often.  I use less that what the label says because I clean them often and they are not that dirty. 

  •           Select the coldest gentle cycle to wash.  (Hot water fades the jeans and also they will shrink to a certain degree.)  
  •           Wash on gentle cycle for a couple of minutes.  May move the jeans with your hands also.  Then rinse and spin to wring out excess water.  
This is the premise to not clean your jeans often in the washing machine.

 But like I said, if they are very dirty, then I would probably wash the jeans in a short warm cycle.

  •           Hang jeans on a line in your home in a shaded area; perhaps near a window until dry.
  •           If the outside is cool, hang your jeans on a clothesline.   Or if warm outside, do not leave your jeans too long.  Allow them to drip- dry for 1 or 2 hours.  Put the damp jeans on the line in your home.
  •          REMEMBER Wait for the sun to go down  (one or two hoursjeans getting dry on a clothes line before sunset) to hang jeans on a clothesline under a tree for a cool shade.  
  •           If this is not possible, then hang jeans on a clothesline in the shaded area in your home until the jeans are completely dry.        
  •           Fold jeans and put them on a shelf or drawer with enough space to accommodate them.

That’s all folks.  I just want to make one point.  If you do want to put your jeans in the dryer, you can take them out at any point, but do not completely dry them, because they will wrinkle and possible shrink just a little.  Just use common sense.

Like the rest of the post, I have my email and a comment box.  I put these there so I can get some feedback.  Oh yes, you can find my website by searching:  Judy Kingsberry/finemejeans.

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My email is  I really would like to hear how you wash your jeans.   Do you think the plan above is realistic for you?  Have you been cleaning your jeans this way?  Do you have other suggestions?

Do you think the plan of above is realistic for you?  Have you been cleaning your jeans this way?  Do you have other suggestions?   Is there a certain product you especially like?

Judy, owner of the website,  I think you can find my website by searching,  Judy Kingsberry’s

My web title is 501 Levi jeans for men-tall and big, original & regular Try searching on my title and if it doesn’t give you my website, the the above information will work.  Judy Kingsberry”s  or just .

Thanks, I hope we will have a chance to talk again.

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