This first product is the Allen Sports Deluxe 4-Bike Hitch Mount Rack.   There are cool cycling gadgets like this hitch mount rack, and then there are bicycle accessories.  The bicycle accessories include the locks and the lights which are the ones that can save your life.

But, now I call all the Products found on the Page section, cool cycling gadgets”!!

commuter bike

A bicycle is a simple machine.   It has been gaining in popularity so much so that some manufacturers and newspapers have reported a multi-billion dollar expansion over the past decades.

That is true in that I have seen more people than before in the past that are now riding bikes to work.  I am also seeing a few people where I live just riding around in their bikes.

While most cool bikes have basic safety parts added such as the headlights and taillights, it is still fun to ride a bike whether it be to ride to work or just ride around.


Bike Accessories and The Cool Gadgets.

A casual rider, a commuter, or a pro cyclist, there are accessories and cool gadgets available that can your help the ride go smooth and predictable.

The most important aspect is to not sacrifice style or comfort for safety. I love these cool gadgets the best.

I am including the ones for safety first and then I have the products that are popular and are needed for even more cool gadgets that are fit for bike accessories.

I ask my readers to consider this as I give different options for bike accessories.

There are several things to consider when buying any locks.

It has been said that most locks are not theft proof. I do not know about your area or city where you will be riding your bike, but this is the number one concern.

There are many experienced bike thieves that can take a short time to steal your bike.

I bought my son a bike and we left it on our front porch. Sure enough, the bike was stolen. My porch was some distance away from the street.

I did not realize the numbers of different locks that was on the internet.

Today, there are many and they are effective; however, today we have even safer locks that can give alarms and make it difficult for a thief to steal.

I have found some different types of locks that are or should be more effective.

In a heavy area where bikes are stolen a lot, I would use three different types of locks that have a good reputation.

Usually, I see only one lock on a bike.

And that may be okay if the area is safe from bike thieves.

But remember, a bike thief can easily take off most locks.


There are other other things to consider about bike safety. What about the area you plan to park your bike?

Are there security cameras?   Is it a well-known place where bike theft occurs often?

How long are you going to have your bike locked?   Are you nearby?

Did you find the serial number and notify or asked the police what to do if your bike is stolen?   They will appreciate your interest.

Did you take a little extra proof of ownership by taking a picture with you and your bike and hiding the serial number where a thief will not notice? (in the handlebars?)

I consider this very important because thieves can be caught or the bike can be recovered if proof can be given to the police.

Police need proof; solid proof. And these guidelines will work.

If you have an expensive bike or one you would not want to be stolen, then you need a lock that uses a smartphone-enabled bike lock.

And it would be wise to include another different type of lock and another brand.  More about this later.

In an area with lots of bikes that are stolen, maybe even three is called for.

Sometimes, buying an expensive bike lock may be the best solution for having relief that your bike is safe from theft. (see the list of the best bike locks tested by Bikeradar.

However, this number may be too excessive if the area is one that bikes rarely get stolen. {trails, small streets, or small towns.}

Whatever works for you, that is fine. I do not know where you are from or how dense the area where you will be riding that has either little bike theft or not.

The first thing to realize is that no lock is unbreakable. Bike are vulnerable to theft.

A thief that has the right tools and the knowledge and who really wants to seal your bike will do so no matter what lock you use.

But, haha we may have the last word.  “Sorry, thieves, I can not help you there.”

On the ‘Bicycle safety accessories’ page, I have chosen a few good locks, but I also have the three best locks money can buy that will deter a thief.

Sounds good? You bet.

This is the list of the BEST LOCKS that were tested by Bikeradar.

Abus Granit Extreme 59 is the toughest D-Lock you will find. It has been tested and it was said that the tensile resistance could handle a couple of Vans pulling on each end.

I was impressed.

The cost is expensive and some people could not afford this lock. Do not despair, there are more.  Visit the “Best commuter accessories for detail and banners to click on the purchase the Product.

Amazon:  the best place to buy


The ABUS Granite X- Plus 540 U lock 540/160HB300 + USH is another secure locks.

It is somewhat expensive. This quality D-lock is great if you need to carry a lock with you.   Granite X Plus 540 LockLevi commuter jeans have a special pocket for U-Locks that would fit this lock, but this D-lock weighs 26 pounds; too heavy for most men.  It can be carried with a pannier or a rucksack.

The full description is described on the Page, “Bike safety accessories” but note that even the State of the Art U lock outlasted the lock picker.

Kryptonite New York M18 is a tough D-Lock with a double deadbolt mechanism that is centered inside the crossbar. It also uses a pick-resistant disc cylinder mechanism.

Kryptonite New York M 8

It easily compares to the Abus in results. There are other Kryptonic New York locks on Amazon, but this particular one was not advertised.  It can be put in the men’s Levi’s jeans.  They have a special strap to carry U-Locks.

Abus Granite X plus 540 U-Lock 540/160 HB +USH is another good lock, especially if used with two or three other locks.

Granite X Plus 540 Lock

I did include this lock on my “Bicycle safety accessories”, but if you click a link of mine (Abus) you can then choose an additional lock.

The Bikeradar wrote that this lock uses 150 mm harden steel plates linked together.  It outperforms many D locks tested.  A grinder does break the lock after much testing by other procedures.

Amazon will still give me the commission if you click one of these links.  It will then take you to Amazon for you to see even more choices.


Like other locks, is not thief proof, but if you add about three locks to a bike, the thief may choose another bike with fewer locks to break.

The Seatylock Trekking Heavy Duty Drill Resistant Anti-Theft Bicycle Hybrid Saddle Lock Chameleon Black is a type of lock that is always with you. I like that aspect. It secures to any fixed object.
short video

There are more locks, of course, but these have been evaluated as having a high success from bike theft.

One of the best bits of advice that can be given is to use two locks of different types and brands

If a thief is adept at picking a certain type of lock and has the tools to do so, it’s unlikely that they will also have the tools or the knowledge to pick a completely different type.

You can choose one of my links and shop around for the one that satisfies you. Safety for the cool cyclist is my prime concern.


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