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Four easy ways to shrink your jeans

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tight jeans by Levi StraussHow to shrink your jeans in four easy ways. Try it; you may find them smaller before you know it!!

In the old days—the 1950’s my family washed cotton items but hung to clothes on a clothesline.  I learned that cotton denim does shrink to a certain degree.   You can find out how much by searching Google.

It is best to wait when you first buy your jeans until your new jeans get to know you.

Later you can make the decision to use these different ways to shrink your pair of Jeans if they are too large.  Just remember!

All sizes of people love “Skinny”!   There are easy ways to do it–that is, make the jeans skinny.


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How to wash jeans-label and tips

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  • READ LABEL FOR CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS for your 501® Levi® original and tall & big original fit jeans for men.  It works for women too.  Levi Strauss has some newer labels for the cleaning instructions.
  • The number one recommendations are to never wash your jeans or else wash then every 6 months.
  • If for example, you work outside in yard work, then probably you will need to wash your jeans.  I say to have an old pair to do this kind of work and have other pairs for a relaxing time or social time.  Ya don’t want to date with the jeans ya do in the yard.
  • Use common sense.  If you get frustrated or whatever, contact me by email or use the comment box.   Various methods are added to the posts concerning the care of your jeans.  I would be interested in how you clean your jeans.


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