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What am I all about? That is the question!

youthEnglish teachermarriage certificateLonely woman waiting




English as a Second language teacher









Woman reading





  1. me
  2. My youth
  3. teacher
  4. Got a husband
  5. Teacher
  6. Divorced
  7. Re-married
  8. divorced
  9. Teaching stage
  10. Finding a man
  11. Memories
  12. Old age

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Story of Cotton-can it be Denim?

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branch of a cotton plantThe Story of Cotton-Can It Be denim?

Can you hum a tune or sing the song, cotton fields back home?

Everyone knows the song: In the cotton fields back home. 

“When I was a little bitty baby my momma would rock me in the cradle. 

In them old cotton fields back home.”

 The last verse goes like this.

“It was down in Louisiana Just about a mile from Texarkana,   

In old cotton fields back home! 

When I was a little bitty baby.  In them old cotton fields back home.”

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Table of contents

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pun showing open book introducing the "Table of Contents."The Table of Contents-homepage

Descriptions-What is it all about?

The Table of Contents is a list of all the pages and posts with a brief summary or descriptions.

What’s the Website all about?   It is about Commuters™ and 501® Levi original and tall & big original fit jeans for men.   Looking good!

What is The Table of Contents about?   ‘It’s about Levi’s® commuter™ jeans and other commuter™ clothing with the Products listed in the Pages and the entertainment or the information listed in the Posts.

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My mule stories–invitation to a tea party

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Brown donkeyFrancis had an Invitation to a Tea Party at a fancy hotel downtown

Can you imagine a mule going to a fancy hotel to attend a tea party given by a group of elderly ladies? 


I had to answer the invitation because Francis—that’s the name of my dad’s mule—did not know how to speak the language of those elderly women.  It is a matter of semantics.



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The big 47 foot cowboy

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47 foot statue of a big cowboy hand-builtThe big 47-foot cowboy

501® Levi ® original fit and tall & big original fit jeans for men.     

Levi jeans began in 1873 and in 1960, these famous Tall and big original fit jeans were made especially for the first and the only 47-foot statue of a cowboy.  That is because there are no other statues of this kind that were ever built.

Today the reputation for the Levi name continues as did the popularity of those original fit blue jeans had earned for the cowboy.


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Funny stories about the big cowboy


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laughing togetherFunny Stories About the Cowboy

There are many funny stories that was told to me or that I was present at the time.  Tourists saw the cowboy and thought he was a plane.

I was given stilts and was ready to run.  The cowboy’s shirt was made in a gymnasium, but it ended up too small.  Dad did not tell them.  He did not want to hurt their feelings.   They were so excited to help.

I have pictures that will put a smile on your face.  Do you want a cure?  Try on a laugh.


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10 interesting facts about denim jeans.

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10 interesting facts about denim jeans.   “Happiness is love and blue jeans.”  

There are 10 interesting facts I have included in this post.  Some of these facts will be remembered, but some people may not remember these 10 facts.  They are interesting because Levi Strauss, the man himself was a creative genius.

We are thankful for both Strauss and Davis: otherwise, we may be wearing silk jeans®–  blue silk jeans®.

Not to Worry!  501® Levi® original and tall & big original fit jeans for men are made of denim.  Here are some facts (& fun videos) that may surprise you.


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Levi Strauss story for Johnnie

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smelling jeans out of the freezer

The Levi Strauss History The making of the 501® Levi jeans—A Long Story in History To Remember for Johnny!

Tonight, Johnnie and Grandma will talk about jeans, Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis.  They talk every night before Johnnie’s bedtime.  Johnnie is only 10 years old but loves true stories.

Tonight, he was thinking about his dad.  Johnnie thought he was the greatest.  And his dad wore jeans.

I (grandma) was sitting on the sofa next to my Grandson.   We were going to talk about a story like we do every night.

He thought dad cleaned his jeans in the freezer too.


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Everyone has a story-teachers cut cotton

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motto and play
My friends,  this is a long entertaining play that I wrote.  You may need to divide your time in reading it or you may want to read to the end.    I have an intermission.  If you would like to stop there or at any time and go to my other posts or pages, please do so.
The purpose of this play that I wrote is to entertain and to bring you “close” to a company I have loved since the 1960’s because Levi Strauss & Co. fitted my dad’s 47- foot cowboy with their 501 original jeans.   ENJOY THE PLAY.
theater at West Texas University


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