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The author, Judy will keep these recent blog posts current.  Here is the list:

The Story of Cotton-can it be Denim?
Table of contents
The pictorial exhibit design:
My mule stories–invitation to a tea party
The mule story–the unexpected call
My mule stories-busload of kids
The big 47-foot cowboy
Funny stories about the big cowboy
10 interesting facts about denim jeans.
Levi Strauss story for Johnnie
Everyone has a story-teachers cut cotton
Four easy ways to shrink your jeans
How to wash jeans-label and tips

Table of contents

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The Table of Contents-homepage

Descriptions-What is it all about?

The table of contents is a list of all the pages and posts with a brief summary or descriptions to help visitors navigate with ease to interesting sites from my website.   It is now media friendly.
The main site title is about the 501 Levi original and tall & big original fit jeans for men.
You can search Google by writing ‘find me jeans’ which will take you to the 501 Levi original and tall & big original fit jeans for men.   
A helpful guide in reading the descriptions answers the question– What’s it all about?   
Find the answer on the Table of the contents.
It is my hope that, in time, you will read all my pages and posts.   They are long but the images, Youtube videos, and creative content make them seem shorter.

book with flowers inside pagesSo many books so little time

Saying saying about if the shoe fits

General Directions-The ways to locate all the posts.

There are several ways to locate all the posts and the Pages.   The Pages are located at the very top of my Website.   
You can find the latest and the partial listing of my Posts on the sidebar
With Mobile–The Posts are listed.  You may have to click the ‘read more’ or to continue or some direction like that.
The full list of the posts will help you choose any posts you may want to read.   
Ways to find the list of Posts. 
  •   WAY ONE:     Just scroll down the blogroll and read the short paragraphs of the article.   To read the post, just click the “Continue or the Read More” sign.
  1.   WAY TWO:     Press the red |search bar| button above the partial list of post in the sidebar.  It will take you to a list of all the posts. (no descriptions)  Click the post that you would like to read.

  2.   WAY THREE:     There are several posts already listed at the Sidebar with the most recent one at the top.  You can select the post that is shown in the sidebar.  However, it will not list them all.

  3.   WAY  FOUR:     If you know the title of the post, you can write it down next to the red search bar.

  4.    Copy the name of the post on Table of Contents, print it on the Search bar at the sidebar.  It will then take you to the article post.   You can click Read  More on any of the posts or pages to see the full article on the Website.



1.  Privacy Policy          thumbprint

Every website page usually gives the Privacy Policy.  The definition, according to Wikipedia is that “a privacy policy is a statement or a legal document that discloses some or all of the ways a party gathers, uses, discloses, and manages a customer or client’s data.”

The Privacy Policy is usually found on every Website.   It is best to first read what the legal aspects of a website may be.  It can be located in the Top Header, the Footer, or the Sidebar.

2.    About me           Judy's image          

It is obvious this page is the author of the website, Judy.   Perhaps, soon I will change the title to, ‘About Judy’.   

This page sets the tone of the website through the eyes (and fingers) of the author and the subject of the Website.   It gives information if you want to know more about me   Find out my background and the influence of my Website.

 3.    Product Review        feedback on product

This page is just what it says it to be.   Most consumers want to find out if the product is indeed what they want to buy and the rating they would classify each product.   

Product Reviews are primarily used on shopping sites.   They give customers a place where they can review and rate the product that they bought.   

The other customers can read the positive and/or negative comments before purchasing the product. 

4.    The big 47-foot cowboy          postcard of the big cowboy   

My dad, William Harry Wheeler, worked part-time to build a 47-foot cowboy by hand.  His regular job was at the Amarillo Air Force Base.  He started building the cowboy in 1959 to build and finished the big sculpture by 1960. 

The big cowboy built in 1959 and was completed in 1960.  The cowboy was touchable by tourist and kids loved to have their picture on his boot.   

There were many thousands of tourist in those days that took pictures and shopped at the curio shop.   The 47-foot cowboy and the curio shop was well known all over the United States.   

People traveled by car in those days to see the different sites along the way.   

You can watch a cowboy movie documentary to find out the big 47-foot cowboy’s image.  It was about a real cowboy who worked very hard on the cattle range. 

Dad’s cowboy was taking a rest.  He had his right foot on the porch of the curio show we had and was smoking a cigarette. 

Dad sold the business in 1963.  Years of ignorance and neglect ruined the clothes of the cowboy!!  He is still standing due to my dad’s shart attention and genius.

Thankfully, he has been repaired and then painted.

5.   Homepage            

The homepage is the page that opens my Website.  It has short comments about some of the posts.  It has a Site Map and some videos.

10.   501 Jeans to ordershopping on internet

Since the Website is about 501® Levi original and tall and big original fit jeans, by clicking on the ‘501 jeans to Order, you will find a link to 501 Levi original fit jeans for men and the 501 Levi original tall & big original fit jeans.

Click on the link and it will take you to Amazon.   I get a small commission from Amazon.  It is really a good company.

You just have to make sure of your measurements.   If you have worn 501’s for many years, it is still a good idea to measure again.   Sizes change.

There is a video to tell you how to measure and some written directions to help you with the measurement of your size.

 11.  Accessories                 accessories and leather

You will find links to other clothing you can wear with your jeans or pants.  The links take you to Amazon where I make a small commission.

Yes, you can go to Amazon, but going to my website I will earn a small commission from Amazon.

That’s good news for me.   Also, while there you can shop for other products.

I have sneakers, Polo shirts, Dress shoes, and boots.   This page changes as do styles and interest.

I will keep up with the new fashions and popular products.

 That’s it!   Now, do you know what the table of Contents is all about?   Let’s go now to the posts.


1.    The Pictorial Exhibit Design®                      

I made an 8-foot and 48 inches tall type of plywood to make a pictorial exhibit about all the events in my dad’s varied live.

W.H.Wheeler, builder of the 47-foot cowboy is the person whose life story is on the pictorial exhibit.

Basically, the Pictorial exhibit covers all dad’s events, innovations, and creativity.  It covers the period from the 1930’s to my his death in 1997.

The top horizontal is the events and the vertical part of each event has rare pictures, quotes, stories and other items.

The headings are Duo Pianist; Band Director; Mule trainer; The 47-foot cowboy; the Gunfighter Museum; Designer and maker of hand-made rugs: Piano Teacher; Sculptures.


2.    My Mule Story-Invitation to a Tea Party            an hotel tea room

You get to know about Frances, a male donkey actually but I refer to him as a mule.  This story tells where dad found and tamed the mule.

He also trained the mule to drink cokes from a coca-cola bottle.   We had a coke machine on the porch of our curio shop and Francis would bray to have a coke each time someone bought a coke.

This was in the 1950’s and the stories are a celebration of my memory of the famous jeans, talking Francis movies and the reputation of LS&Co.

Get to know Francis; you will love his antics.  And you will learn to understand mule talk.

3.    My mule story-the unexpected call            reflection of police car light

One night, dad received an unexpected call after midnight from the police.   What happened?

Dad loved his mule and the mule followed dad everywhere.

Dad ran from the house to the curio shop is located where the police were grinning and waiting.

Dad is sweating.   Is Francis hurt?  Find out the funny reason Francis brakes out of his pen.

You will just shake your head and giggle or laugh.

4.    My mule story-a busload of kids                   school bus for students

Once more, Francis is in trouble.  He loves cokes and every time a person goes to the coke machine on the curio shop’s porch, Francis brays loudly.

One day a busload of kids stop at the curio shop; all intent on giving Francis a coke or two!   Francis drinks them all.

See what happens about Francis the next morning.   Dad is unsure what to do.   Does the situation resolve by itself?

5.    Funny stories about the big cowboy          two women laughing

There are stories associated with the big cowboy.   Dad can be seen from the highway working on some project.

One of the stories in this episode includes what questions a tourist asks my dad, Harry Wheeler, about the frame of the cowboy.

The biggest question that many tourists make is to find out what dad is building by hand in front of the curio shop.

Believe it or not, most people think he is building an airplane.

Perhaps you have a question about the 47-foot cowboy.   Please ask in the comments section at the bottom of the article.

6.    10 interesting facts about Denim jeans           button fly jean close-up

This post seems to be everyone’s favorite Post.

The use of Levi commercials and one line of quotes are used here.

Each interesting facts include a short comment about jeans or Levi Strauss or Jacob Davis.

This post is fast-paced and you will enjoy the different parts to ‘the facts about Denim jeans.

7.    Everyone has a story          slaves chopping cotton 

This is a combination of story and a drama play.

It is about two history teachers on a trip together to one of the teacher’s hometown.

They go cotton picking by hand-this is during the 1960’s–

One of the inexperienced teachers did not realize it was so difficult because of the heat and difficulty chopping cotton.

She sweats profusely but empathizes now how the slaves must have felt chopping and picking cotton.

Both teachers decide to have their students do a project concerning the life of slaves.

The picture next to the post, “Everyone has a story.”  is a small picture of slaves in a field.

When you read this post, be sure to enhance the picture.  I wept.

See the women dressed in the long dresses which were worn in those slave days.

The end shows how Levi Strauss and Company gives freedom to the “slaves” of the black American women by hiring them in his sewing manufacturing company.

They do this by hiring black American women BEFORE the civil rights movement.

This is a very long story, but a worthwhile read.   It suggests reading the drama in two parts.   My most difficult work.

8.    Four easy ways to shrink your jeans          clothes line with jeans hanging 

There are quite a few posts about shrinking jeans that I like.  I used this as a reference guide.  Mine includes the 4 typical ways to succeed in shrinking your jeans.

It has neat pictures and of course, I hope you like my writing style.

The 4 ways include the boiling pot; the bathtub, iron and the fabric spray softener.


9.    How to wash your jeans-label and tips              washing machine dials

Again, there are many posts that have covered this posting.

But a woman from the comment section thanked me for showing her really how to wash her jeans.

The reading of labels is important, but the person still needs to be careful.   I give my visitors a variety of choices.

They can choose the clothesline or the dryer, but the subtle directions are stated.

     San Francisco Bay map     10.    Levi Strauss Story for Johnnie.            map of Riga where Davis was born

Johnnie wants his grandma to tell the story about Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis.   Do you remember how your grandma read you a story before bedtime?

Well, Johnnie is about 12 years old and is fascinated with the stories.   He wants to wear the 501® Levi jeans when he grows up.   His father wears 501® Levi original fit jeans for men.

This story includes Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis.   It also speaks about the original discovery of jeans being first in Italy.

You can just hear Johnnie’s comments

11.    The Story of Cotton-Can it be Denim?            look of cotton grass

This site gives many aspects to the story or history of cotton.   It explains the type of weave involved in Denim.  It also gives the history of the two looms

The history is informative and entertaining.  Yes, 100% cotton is denim.

The story of cotton begins with a bale of cotton until the end product becomes jeans.

Do you like History?  This one is a good read then.   Everyone should know the story of jeans, but not everyone likes to read about fact and history.  But like the rest of my posts, each one is meant to be entertaining!!

12.   References and Sitemap             reference book

 The sitemap is on the homepage.
General and specific researchers I have used to gather information for my writings.   The sitemap is a list of the t.v. commercials I have used in my stories.
Please comment to exchange any ideas or suggestions.   I will answer all comments for I am interested in your feedback and support.      
Go to the Pages, Product Review, 501 Levi jeans to order, or Accessories for the links to the 501 Jeans and the Accessories to wear with your jeans.

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