cycling clothing for men


Most people who commute to work by bike wear commuter clothing.    The jeans are special because they are appropriate to wear for those who commute to work.

Levi jeans

You will find other Levi clothes suited for commuters such as shorts, shirts, jackets, and even socks!

I chose ‘cycling clothing for men’ for my Post since most of the commuter clothes are for men.

But there is now a line, (it’s about time) that women have a line of the own commuter clothes.

Women can click the link and tell Amazon that they are looking for cycling clothes for women.  They can add other information to Amazon for them to help you.

The Page that has a list of Levi clothing is called, ‘Bicycle commuter clothing’.

To answer the question specifically, commuter clothing has the commuter in mind when new ones are developed.

They are still in the experimental stage.  There are comments from people who are not happy with their commuter jeans or other wearing apparel for some reason.

It would seem to me, that the CEO’s who read the comments will finally make a better product.  That is, if they are smart.

But for the most part, the commuter clothing has the balance of performance and fashion.  Commuter clothing is important to a cyclist because it solves the problem that comes from riding a bike on the saddle for a long period of time.

Hopefully, the commuter clothing will be so well made that concern about holes in the crotch is a thing in the past.

With all these issues and others too, commuters still prefer commuter clothing.


As Levi’s® Commuter ™ Pro quotes, “Engineered for Movement. Optimized for the City” relates that the this would be a good motto for Commuters and their special clothes for commuting.

Levi Strauss and Company has been around for a long time.

In fact, in my research in general, I found that LS&Co was one of the first companies to have a line of clothes specially made for commuters.

Commuters are happy about that.

Now I love 501® Levi® original and tall & big original fit jeans for men; in fact, that is the title of my Website.  

I love the company.  Many of the older people do feel the same way.


Because, my dear readers, obviously these line of clothes are comfortable for riding a bike.

If they had to wear 501® Levi® jeans, they would strip them off and just wear their shorts. Police would get involved–well the ending would be that some company would figure out just what cyclist needed.

Holes would be a problem.  The simple way to get on the bike would be another problem. They need a little stretch.

Another serious problem would be a rash that would develop between the cyclist’s thighs.  Chafing can occur is different places, but no matter, it still hurts.

Back to the question about why commuters are happy about LEVI’S new line of commuter clothes is because the Company has been working on commuter cyclist clothing since the beginning in 2011.


Linen is the top choice of fabric to wear in the hot summer.  The material is breathable, very light, loosely woven to allow heat to escape from the body.

It absorbs moisture and dries quickly so that you remain cool in the hot season weather.

Cotton is another material that is one of the best to wear in hot humid weather.  Cotton is soft and lightweight.

It soaks up the sweat which allows heat to escape from the body.  That makes it easy to stay cool.  I remember having to iron the cotton shirts for my husband.

It really wasn’t that bad, unless it had a lot of wrinkles.

ironing cotton shirts

Now, there is a polyester cotton that you do not have to iron.  If you are sweating a lot, cotton then could become heavy and wet.

It can leave stains when you get too hot and sweaty.

Denim that the Levi® jeans® are made from are tightly woven cotton, so it too, like cotton is breathable and absorbs sweat just like cotton.

The synthetics that make denim stretchier don’t breathe the way cotton fibers do.  Make sure your jeans are 100% cotton.

In the Business Insider with an article, “How To Wear Jeans In Hot Weather” by , wrote that a “nice well-washed, broken-in, less-than-12-oz-denim jeans” is okay to be worn in the heat of the day.

He said that denim is a breathable weave.  It depended on denim weight.  Below 12 oz. the jeans should be worn since these feel even more comfortable than chinos or some khakis in the summer heat.

It is a good article to read if you want more details.

For the most part, do not give up wearing denim jeans if it has the right weight.  I do not know how that is calculated.

It is your choice to know what is the best material.  Now, don’t sweat it.




The best way is to wear commuter™ jeans which have solved the problem of sweat.  Now a writer from The Guardian named Matt Seaton in the article, “How to avoid cycle sweat” doesn’t want to wear commuter clothing.

He does agree that commuter clothing is a way to keep sweat from developing.

It is true that commuter clothing has the ability to transfer moisture away from the body, declares Matt Seaton.

It is worth reading his article which can also be found on Google + on a post of mine.



commuter bike reviews

bike at subset



Cycling is quickly growing as one of the favorite modes of commuting. Reasons may be to save on gas, losing weight, and being tired of the traffic.

Regardless, biking to work has increased largely over the past decade. Bike commuting has become a serious culture.
The time to get into biking is now.

But even more so, it’s time to enjoy the thrill of cycling for experiencing, for example, the wind in your face, the scenery you have missed, people you can wave to, and coming home to feel exhilarated and ready to happily face the rest of the day.

The trip to work becomes an adventure. Of course, places like New York City, attention to the traffic is the first consideration, but still, it is an adventure for them.

Pedaling is a great way to lose weight and improve your skills with the bike. Riding a bike leads to a healthier body and a clearer mind.


Bike brands have been creating and using innovation to build new models with the commuters in mind. There are new companies springing up since the popularity has increased in the use of bikes for commuting to work.

I found several good bikes. I ended up with the idea that you could ride to work on an expensive bike simply if you had three very good locks.

There is one bike I reviewed that takes the worry out of bike thieves because the two owners of this small company wanted a bike that was theft resistant.   And they did.

But remember, if a thief wants your bike he will most likely try to steal it.  But if it takes more than 30 seconds to break the lock, then the theft will forgo stealing your bike so say the bike specialists.

Read about the cool bike accessories. There are the individual products and then there is the Post article that explains more about what the items are about.  I included locks, lights, and some safety gadgets.

Then I have the Levi Strauss commuter clothes. The company was one of the first to open a new line of commuter clothes.


I will show you a video now about the commuter and his ride, but it is quite long. There is no dialogue; yet still, you can feel the dangers, speeds, and and the comradeship between the silent cyclist.

They are silent, not only because they do not know each other, but it is important to be alert for the safety aspect.
You may watch this later, or all of it now if you have the time. Then, you can watch part of it now and the rest later if that tickles your fancy.

Guy Shachar on April 13, 2012, wrote about this video.

Although numerous bicycle paths, lanes, and routes are stretched throughout New York City streets, it seems that most New Yorkers and visitors prefer to ride along the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway.

As my fourth visit to New York approached, riding a bicycle in Manhattan’s busy streets seemed like a desirable activity.

The warm-up was along the Greenway, north on the Harlem Riverside up to the northern tip of Manhattan, then south along the Hudson River, then cutting east towards Columbus Square to start the ‘real’ streets ride.

The part that I documented by video goes south along Broadway bicycle path, through Union Square and further south towards Chinatown and Delancey street.

I continued to ride through Williamsburg bridge to Brooklyn and north through Pulaski Bridge to Queens, getting back to Manhattan through Queensboro Bridge (Only the bridges rides are captured on video).

Yes, it was “a helluva ride” in “a helluva town”.

Riding along the Greenway is one thing, riding in Broadway is another, and riding along the bridges is another.

It is an exciting way to experience the streets on two wheels, while even overcoming obstacles on the way become an experience (or maybe it -is- the experience 🙂




road bicycle


Road bicycles are designed to be ridden fast on smooth pavement. They have smooth, skinny tires and “drop” handlebars, and can be used for on-road racing.

They are usually lighter than other types of bicycles. They can be ridden on paved trails, but most people find them uncomfortable and unstable on unpaved trails.

Most road bikes are not capable of carrying heavy loads.

The most concern about these bikes is about going fast and transferring energy to make the bike move forward.

The bent over the waist may put a strain on your back


Touring bicycles are another special type of road bike. They are designed to be ridden on pavement but are more durable for long-distance riding.

They have all mounting bolts for cargo racks and fenders. the relaxed frame design, the rider sits upright which makes it more comfortable for long-distance riding.

They have a lower gear to allow the rider to carry heavy loads up steep hills.  They usually have a more relaxed frame design so that the rider is more upright, for more comfort when riding long distances.

They make good commuter bicycles, because of their durability and ability to carry heavy loads.


Flat-Bar Road Bicycles have most of the advantages of regular road bikes–lightweight frames and relatively narrow tires for efficiency on pavement–with a flat or upright handlebar.

These bikes are designed for people who want a light, high-performance bike, but don’t like the drop-handlebar riding position of a regular road bike.

These bicycles are sometimes called fitness bikes or performance hybrid bikes. Most of them can accept somewhat wider tires, to make them suitable for use on unpaved trails.

They usually have the ability to mount cargo racks and fenders, which make them good commuter bikes.


fixed gear bicycle  Track/Fixed-Gear Bicycles or fixies are designed to be ridden on the oval track specifically for bicycle racing.

Some commuters prefer track bikes because of the simple design, which makes them easy to maintain. They have a single gear that does not provide the ability to coast.

The fixed-gear mechanism can act as a brake.

Most track bikes have drop handlebars, but some riders outfit theirs with flat or upright handlebars.


On the path with a mountain bike   Mountain Bicycles are designed for riding the rough trails in the mountains. They have flat or upright handlebars.

They use a very low gear range for pedaling up steep trails.  I had thought mountain bikes needed a high gear range, but I was incorrect.

Most mountain bikes have some type of shock absorbers or suspension. They have either front suspension called hardtails or front and rear suspension called full-suspension bikes.

Mountain bikes with no suspension are called rigid. They can be used for traditional touring or commuting bikes, although not as light or efficient.


hybrid bicycle

Hybrid bicycles blend characteristics from more specialized road bikes, touring bikes and mountain bikes.

The resulting “hybrid” is a general-purpose bike that can tolerate a wide range of riding conditions and applications. They are popular commuter bicycles.

Hybrid Bicycles were originally conceived to provide the advantages of both road bikes and mountain bikes.

Their large, padded seats and upright handlebars provide a comfortable riding position usually preferred for bike commuters in urban areas.

They are great for casual riding and short-distance commuting. They can be ridden on paved roads, but are not as lightweight or efficient as road bikes.

They are ideal for paved or unpaved bike trails but are not used for rough mountain trails.

Most hybrid bikes have a front suspension to smooth out small bumps, but some are fully rigid.


Hybrids and Sports Comfort Bikes share the same comfort features but are distinguished by wheel size.

Traditionally, hybrids have a larger road bike sized wheel with a slightly thinner compared to the comfort bikes which yield smaller, mountain style wheels.

Both bikes are loaded with comfort features and will work equally well on smooth dirt, paved trails, and family cycling trips.

These bikes have a very upright position meant for comfort.


Performance Hybrid Bicycles are oriented towards riders who want the multi-surface versatility of a hybrid bike but want a little more aggressive style and riding position.

They have a flat or upright handlebar. Some have front suspension; some do not.

Performance hybrids make good commuter bikes and are also good for touring on unpaved trails.


beach cruiser bike

Cruiser Bicycles are similar to hybrid bikes, in that they are designed for casual riding, and have a very comfortable, upright riding position, and a large, comfortable seat.

Cruisers usually have wide tires, and the handlebars are more upright.   Most cruiser bikes are single-speed or 3-speed.

They have old-fashioned breaks where you pedal backward to stop.

They can be used for short-distance commuting and errands, as long as your route is fairly flat.  Many times they are colorful bikes.


Flat-Foot Comfort Bikes are a sub-category of cruiser bikes.

They have an elongated frame design that pushes the pedals a few inches forward of the seat. This allows you to ride with the seat low enough so that you can place your feet flat on the ground when you stop.


folding bike Folding Bicycles are ideal for those who need to travel by bus or car, boat or plane.

They are ideal for storage for small apartments. They’re also good for commuters who need to take their bike on a bus or train for part of their commute.

This was the case with my brother.  He had to take a bus and then walk part of the way to work. It was a long walk.

I told him about folding bikes can be easily maneuvered, but can be difficult to handle because of the small wheels.

The advantages outweighed the negative aspect.


recumbent trike or bikeRecumbent Bicycles have a long, low design and a full-size seat with a backrest. Recumbent bikes are available in two-wheel and three-wheel designs.

Many of these bikes are more difficult to pedal up hills or carry in a motor vehicle.


Tandem Bicycles are “bicycles built for two.” There are cruiser tandems, hybrid tandems, off-road mountain bike tandems, and road racing tandems.


Adult Trikes are ideal for older folks who still want to get around under their own power, or those with balance issues or other special needs.


BMX stands for Bicycle Motor Cross because these single-speed bikes are raced around a short dirt track similar to the Motorsport.

Frequently, the term BMX is used to describe any single-speed bike with a 20” wheel.

These bikes are often very robust and durable and would be the best selection for anyone intending to do jumps or tricks.



commuter bicycle


Commuter bikes are the kind of bike used for daily use. Most people have a commuter bike to go from home to work and vice versa.

Cycling is an inexpensive means of transportation as well as exercise. The offer potential health, economic, and quality of life benefits. There are risks and inconveniences inherent in riding.

The negative side is the inclement weather, limits in traveling distance, and load carrying abilities.

“Bicycle features that enhance commuting include racks or panniers for storage, battery or dynamo-powered lights for increased visibility, mudguards or fenders to minimize the impact of inclement weather, a chain guard to protect clothing, and an upright sitting position for increased visibility.”

Wikipedia contributors. “Bicycle commuting.” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 24 Jul. 2018. Web. 20 Sep. 2018.



In my research, I did find the best commuter bicycles in my estimation. I looked for durability, price, warranty, the details about the bike, and finally its reputation by the people who bought the bike.

There is one exception.   I really believe there is one bike that is considered the best.

The “fortified” bike called the invincible was developed by a small number who wanted all cyclist to have a bike that put the fear out of riding because of bike thieves.

What fear was that?  They said that many people have had their bicycle stolen at one time or another regardless of the lock that was on the bike to keep thieves away from the bike.

How do you think they felt like?  What does anyone feel when they are a victim of a crime?

Why should a possible theft dictate what bike you want to commute to your job?

You want so and so bike and no matter what the cost, you should have that bike instead of picking something else perhaps you would not be devastated if it were stolen.

It is a depressing thought to come back to your bike and in a happy mood to find your bike parts laying around where you left your bike.

This is the owner’s Website where you can get the warranty and the registration form.  This information is also found on the Page that lists the Best commuting bicycles.

Police can do nothing unless one had the foresight to take steps so that they could possibly recover your bike.  That is why it is important to follow the direction of the police who handle bike thieves.

One needs proof.  Take the registration number and hide it in the handlebars or somewhere safe on the bike.

It is also best to take a picture of yourself by the bike.

Here is the fortified bike video!




1. Suspension travel is the amount of movement offered by the bike’s front and rear suspension.
2. Head-tube angle is the angle that the head tube forms with the ground.
A steeper head-tube angle generally indicates that a bike will turn faster and climb better. A slacker (lower) angle generally indicates that a bike will provide better stability at high speeds but won’t climb as well.)
3. A bicycle head tube with a partially installed bicycle headset; the lock nut has yet to be fitted onto the fork tube.
4. The head tube is the part of a cycle’s tubular frame within which the front fork steerer tube is mounted.
5. The head tube holds the bearings which allow the front fork steerer tube to pivot freely.
6. In bicycles, these bearings are collectively called the headset. These are usually ball bearings, although some headsets use needle bearings.[2]


A. Cross-Country Bikes: good for competition, distance is from a few miles to 25 miles plus. It is a racier ride for trails. The Typical specs: 80–100 mm of suspension travel; 70–71° head-tube angle.

B. Fat Bikes: Oversize tires, from 3.7 in. to 5+ in. wide, for excellent traction and riding in sand or snow.

C. All-Mountain Bikes: Bigger climbs, scary descents, and more technical features. designed to perform well on steep descents while also being light and nimble enough to pedal uphill.

The Typical specs: 140–170 mm of suspension travel; 65–68° head-tube angle

D. Hybrid bikes: A mix of mountain, road, and touring designs, hybrid bikes mash up specific features to create do-it-all bikes with a wide range of uses.

Generally, you’ll get the skinny, speedy wheels of road bikes mixed in with the quick-turning prowess of mountain bikes, plus a dash of comfort with a plush saddle or even a shock-absorbent fork.

They usually combine a flat bar and a heads-up ride for comfort and a better view when riding in traffic.

Some hybrid bikes are equipped with disc brakes for responsive braking while bike commuting in any weather.

Many commuter-friendly models include racks, lighting systems or fenders

No two hybrid bikes are exactly the same, so look for a bike equipped with features that make it suited to the type of riding you plan to do.

E. Specialty bikes: Include cruiser bikes, cargo bikes, electric bikes, and folding bikes

I hope you will enjoy seeing the bikes listed on the Page, Best commuter bicycles.  I have a link for you to buy any of the bikes you wish to buy.  The links are provided here in the Post, ‘Best commuter bicycles’.  (see the links above in blue)

All I say is:  Please include three excellent and different bike locks to prevent the bike thief to quickly steal your bike.  Perhaps having these 3 best locks you can find and afford, the thief will choose another bike or give up stealing any of the bikes.  There is no time for him or her to spend trying to disable the locks.  Different tools are required also.

My best,





cool cycling gadgets

This first product is the Allen Sports Deluxe 4-Bike Hitch Mount Rack.   There are cool cycling gadgets here that are bicycle accessories and some are products for cool cycling gadgets.

A bicycle is a simple machine.   It has been gaining in popularity so much so that manufacturers have seen a multi-billion dollar expansion over the past decades.

While most bikes have basic parts added such as the headlights and taillights, there are cool cycling gadgets to make bike riding for pleasure or work.

Bike Accessories and The Cool Gadgets.

A casual rider, a commuter, or a pro cyclist, there are accessories and cool gadgets available that can your help the ride go smooth and predictable.

The most important aspect is to not sacrifice style or comfort for safety. I love these cool gadgets the best.

I am including the ones for safety first and then I have the products that are popular and are needed for even more cool gadgets that are fit for bike accessories.

I ask my readers to consider this as I give the different options for bike accessories.

There are several things to consider when buying any locks.

It has been said that most locks are not theft proof. I do not know about your area or city where you will be riding your bike, but this is the number one concern.

There are many experienced bike thieves that can take a short time to steal your bike.

I bought my son a bike and we left it on our front porch. Sure enough, the bike was stolen. My porch was some distance away from the street.

I did not realize the numbers of different locks that was on the internet.

Today, there are many and they are effective; however, today we have even safer locks that can give alarms and make it difficult for a thief to steal.

I have found some different types of locks that are or should be more effective.

In a heavy area where bikes are stolen a lot, I would use three different types of locks that have a good reputation.

Usually, I see only one lock on a bike.

And that may be okay if the area is safe from bike thieves.

But remember, a bike thief can easily take off most locks.

There are other other things to consider about bike safety. What about the area you plan to park your bike?

Are there security cameras?   Is it a well-known place where bike theft occurs often?

How long are you going to have your bike locked?   Are you nearby?

Did you find the serial number and notify or asked the police what to do if your bike is stolen?   They will appreciate your interest.

Did you take a little extra proof of ownership by taking a picture with you and your bike and hiding the serial number where a thief will not notice? (in the handlebars?)

I consider this very important because thieves can be caught or the bike can be recovered if proof can be given to the police.

Police need proof; solid proof. And these guidelines will work.

If you have an expensive bike or one you would not want to be stolen, then you need a lock that uses a smartphone-enabled bike lock.

And it would be wise to include another different type of lock and another brand.  More about this later.

In an area with lots of bikes that are stolen, maybe even three is called for.

Sometimes, buying an expensive bike lock may be the best solution for having relief that your bike is safe from theft. (see the list of the best bike locks tested by Bikeradar.

However, this number may be too excessive if the area is one that bikes rarely get stolen. {trails, small streets, or small towns.}

Whatever works for you, that is fine. I do not know where you are from or how dense the area where you will be riding that has either little bike theft or not.

The first thing to realize is that no lock is unbreakable. Bike are vulnerable to theft.

A thief that has the right tools and the knowledge and who really wants to seal your bike will do so no matter what lock you use.

But, haha we may have the last word.  “Sorry, thieves, I can not help you there.”

On the ‘Bicycle safety accessories’ page, I have chosen a few good locks, but I also have the three best locks money can buy that will deter a thief.

Sounds good? You bet.

This is the list of the BEST LOCKS that were tested by Bikeradar.

Abus Granit Extreme 59 is the toughest D-Lock you will find. It has been tested and it was said that the tensile resistance could handle a couple of Vans pulling on each end.

I was impressed.

The cost is expensive and some people could not afford this lock. Do not despair, there are more.  Visit the “Best commuter accessories for detail and banners to click on the purchase the Product.

Amazon:  the best place to buy


The ABUS Granite X- Plus 540 U lock 540/160HB300 + USH is another secure locks.

It is somewhat expensive. This quality D-lock is great if you need to carry a lock with you.   Granite X Plus 540 LockLevi commuter jeans have a special pocket for U-Locks that would fit this lock, but this D-lock weighs 26 pounds; too heavy for most men.  It can be carried with a pannier or a rucksack.

The full description is described on the Page, “Bike safety accessories” but note that even the State of the Art U lock outlasted the lock picker.

Kryptonite New York M18 is a tough D-Lock with a double deadbolt mechanism that is centered inside the crossbar. It also uses a pick-resistant disc cylinder mechanism.

Kryptonite New York M 8

It easily compares to the Abus in results. There are other Kryptonic New York locks on Amazon, but this particular one was not advertised.  It can be put in the men’s Levi’s jeans.  They have a special strap to carry U-Locks.

Abus Granite X plus 540 U-Lock 540/160 HB +USH is another good lock, especially if used with two or three other locks.

       Abus Granite Bordo X Plus


I did not include this lock on my “Bicycle safety accessories”, but if you click a link of mine (Abus) you can then choose an additional lock.

The Bikeradar wrote that this lock uses 150 mm harden steel plates linked together.  It outperforms many D locks tested.  A grinder does break the lock after much testing by other procedures.

Amazon will still give me the commission if you click one of these links.  It will then take you to Amazon for you to have more choices.


Like other locks, is not thief proof, but if you add about three locks to a bike, the thief may choose another bike with fewer locks to break.

The Seatylock Trekking Heavy Duty Drill Resistant Anti-Theft Bicycle Hybrid Saddle Lock Chameleon Black is a type of lock that is always with you. I like that aspect. It secures to any fixed object.
short video

There are more locks, of course, but these have been evaluated as having a high success from bike theft.

One of the best bits of advice that can be given is to use two locks of different types and brands

If a thief is adept at picking a certain type of lock and has the tools to do so, it’s unlikely that they will also have the tools or the knowledge to pick a completely different type.

You can choose one of my links and shop around for the one that satisfies you. Safety for the cool cyclist is my prime concern.

The next Post Article is about Lights and other useful accessories.
Lights and other accessories

501 Levi jeans and commuters

Why do I have articles about commutes?

My Website is about 501® Levi® original fit jeans and not commuters!!!

Why do I have articles about commutes too?

Articles about commuters and Levi jeans?

answer questions about commutes

That’s Number One question about why I have articles about commutes and Levi® jeans.

Read the rest of this entry

What am I all about? That is the question!

What am I all about?  That is the question!

  1. My youth
  2. Go a husband
  3. Divorced
  4. Re-married
  5. divorced
  6. Teaching stage
  7. Finding a man
  8. Memories
  9. Old age

I look at this list and realized I mostly had some failures in my life.

But I found just what I was looking for much later at the end of the list.

Memories—My youth

But first, as the saying goes let’s start at the beginning.

I am writing this page with thoughts I had during the day.

I got up late and cleaned the bathroom that is mostly occupied by cats.

They are a joy, but having pets comes necessary responsibility.

I diligently clean the litter boxes but then I scrub the floor with a mop to prevent the pee smell.

I write these things because, at this stage of my life, I had hoped the cats had a “plug” for their derrieres.

It is hard work and my sense of smell has increased over the years.

My job now does as an internet marketer does not require that I clean anything up.

Although I suspect some people who are Affiliate Marketers from Wealthy Affiliate—a company giving me the education to learn how

to become a successful internet marketer—may need to rinse their mouth out with a non-toxic soap.

Let’s Continue the Story.  black and white cat

One of my cats has diabetes and sadly is slowly dying because I have not the money to take him to the Veterinarian.

His name is Bitti.  He is not suffering and is active and playful.

He is getting so much better.  I do not even think he has diabetes.  I will have the money in a month.  He will be okay/

But Writing about My Youth is the Subject Now. 

I had wonderful parents.  They were both artistic people.

For example, in my early youth, my twin sister and I would sneak into the large living room.

We would sit quietly on the big sofa to listen to my lovely mom teaching piano.

They had two grand pianos.  I was 5 years old so I can not tell you what brand it was, but they were excellent pianos.

And my parent played duo piano together.

They did not mind us listening, in fact, they encouraged all of the siblings to do so.  I had an older brother, Michael, as well as my twin

sister, Jeannie.

When they played the duo piano pieces while we listened, they had hoped to have us appreciate classical music.  piano and composition sheet music

They had been professional duo pianist, but quit playing because dad just got too nervous on stage, although

he played beautifully and technically more advanced than my mom.

My dad was a popular concert band director.  He was well respected and loved.  Have you ever ‘loved’ a

teacher?  Well, I can give an example that shows he was well loved.

What’s Love All About?

Thirty-five years after my dad stoppyed teaching band, my mom and dad received a personal letter from one of the band students. 

My mom read it with curiosity.

They were invited to attend a reunion dinner to honor my dad whom they wanted to visit and reminisce about what they had

remembered the one year dad was the high school Concert Band Director.  Almost all his band students had planned the event.

Only the students from the band would attend…

They were both invited back to Stillwater where my dad had taught band.   He must have been an exceptional teacher. Image, Everyone has a story to tell

They had lots of stories to tell.  Many had tears in their eyes.  But all of them were glad to see and talk with him again!!

When my parents returned home, they were ecstatic.  Every student had a story to tell about dad.   I guess 

that was more than 30 different stories: some funny, a few scary and mostly respectful.

Dad had introduced them for the first time to Classical Band Music.

Obviously, they never forgot that one year of classical music and a teacher worthy of their love and respect.


That honor has never happened to me except when I taught refugees English.

But the only thing I could say was that I was onlyBand students invitation

popular and liked.

That was love for a teacher, was that proved?

They had many memories in their life.  



But there was one eventuality, my dad, like a character in my content, moved me to reminisce.

That memory enabled me to build a Website beginning with my dad’s creative artwork.

That grand art was a 47- foot cowboy who wore authentic Levi jeans.   

The 47 foot cowboy in Canyon, 1960


But, that was a time at the end of the list when I had a chance to work at home to become an internet marketer!

I will just come back to that present memory shortly.

All in all, I had an easy and uncomplicated time in my youth.  I do have some sad memories of those early years.

I learned my basic education even through college by sitting close to my teacher in the front row.

Reading their lips and looking at the information that was written on the blackboard, I got average grades in school,

That kept people from noticing my hearing loss.

A deaf person's isolation

I wish I could have learned and heard all my lessons in school.  Maybe I could have passed Algebra.

No, but having a profound hearing loss kept me being a loner.  It defined my life.  I know I could have been more successful— in school, in creating art, in writing, in learning—in life.

My memories in my later youth from 4th grade to the end of high school.

I may use old-fashioned terms and argot to write my memories of youth, but I think anyone who happens to read this story will

understand what I am writing in my 74-year-old thoughts.

The town I lived in and studied in the public school system was a small town that I learned later to dislike the small town politics.

small town street

It was the typical town that ignored the University which was in the biggest part of town.

It was the kind of town that if you were not born there, then you were a transient.  I hated that kind of prejudice.

And my mom accompanied the voice majors in their singing lessons and their music recitals at the University.  I had an air of culture in our home since students would come there to practice.

When the curio shop business was brand new, dad invited all the Canyon City of Commerce members to Open House.  This is a common practice for businesses to invite the local population and other businesses a place of welcome.

No one showed up to welcome dad’s business.  Even when dad built the big 47-foot cowboy most people in that town never came to the curio shop since the beginning.

They basically ignored all the works dad did.  But his business was with the tourist.  And I do not know how many thousands of people visited the Corral Curio Shop and Motel. 

Even today a lot of the elderly in Denver remember the cowboy with the Levi jeans.

Dad found a building and re-built it by himself.  It was not the last of his building projects.


This is a picture showing his first statue of a cowboy.  It was his first and it was only 22-feet tall.

Dad's first business-a curio shop called Corral Curio Shop

Short compared to the big one which was 47-feet tall.

This was a little later at the time of the invitation to open house.

He ignored the town and centered his business on the tourist trade.  Dad had fun and so did my mom.  She would watch the curio shop and he would work at the Amarillo Air Force Base and “created” his building projects part-time and on week-ends.

I remember everything now that I am older and retired.  One of the best memories I had was in the 1950’s when dad had his coke drinking mule, Francis.

Dad and mom worked very hard to have a successful tourist business.   Dad created art and was happy and loved each one of his creations very much.

How About Your Marriage?  Were you content?

My marriage and divorce left an empty spot in my heart at the time.   My first husband, James was a classical guitar major at the

North Carolina School of the Arts or so it was called in 1969.

James’ teacher, Jesus Silva, had studied with Andres Segovia, the most famous classical guitarist in the World at that time.

We got married in Amarillo and left for a trip to California to look for the best guitar.  James found one and was extremely happy to have such a great sounding guitar.

While in Amarillo, he would play electric guitar in these large bars.  It was more jazz that rock music in those days.

I married James when I was a senior at the West Texas State University.  I was an average student, but considering my hearing loss, I think

that was satisfactory.

We moved to Winston Salem, North Carolina.  That state was the most beautiful I have ever lived in and I have lived in several states.

After two years, James bought our home in Wake Forest.  It was near his school and we had enough room for a couple of students to make a little money while he went to school.

I have fond memories of one student who rented a room for one year while he was in school and there were others over the three years we lived in our home.

When I married James, I forgot all about the projects my dad build; the 47-foot cowboy, the clever signs, the motel, the 22-foot cowboy, and the gunfighter museum

I had even forgotten about the big cowboy, the 47-foot cowboy.  Youth deal in the present; the past is not “with them”.

I got pregnant with James at the beginning of our 4th year of marriage.  Sadly, he told me he did not want a baby.

When I was 8 months pregnant, he left for Span on a tour with a group to talk with Segovia.

When he returned to New York, I was with my parents with the brand new baby, James Thomas.

I soon found out that my husband James had found another woman who did not want children either.

That was a sad memory because I loved him very much.  He had many wonderful qualities and was very talented with the classical guitar.

The last I heard from him was while I was in Amarillo with my parents.  He told me I was a good wife and his life with me was good and his adultery was not on account of what I did or did not do.

A sad woman

I was very unhappy.

After I left Amarillo with a young baby, I worked as a teacher in Dallas and other cities.

I did not like teaching Speech Therapy, but the kids liked me and I was a good, but average teacher.

Many kids go to college or a university, finish and go to work somewhere where they could practice the subject of their degree.

But many hate their profession and eventually go the work in another job.

All that time and money spent in school and to work at something not even related to their degree.  Many are unemployed.

I did many different things during those years I was teaching.  I met my second husband while I lived in Dallas.

My friend found him at the Air-Port so sad looking.

She asked him if he needed a ride and was told he was going to New Mexico to report to the Air Force Base.

He had about a 10 hour wait.

Karla, my friend took him to her apartment and introduced me to Milton who ended up being my second husband.

Final divorce

After years of a wretched time for both of us, we divorced.

Lonely woman waiting


With my first husband, I had a son named James and with my second husband I had a daughter, Natasha.

I dated off and on and looked sometimes for a man who would be a good husband.

I found none that were suitable for my son and daughter.

I have a few memories from those times; some good and some bad.  I was bad at times, but I helped a lot of people and that is a

satisfying memory.

One of the best memories I had was when I taught refugees from Emily Griffith Opportunity School from 1979 to 1986.

I am sorry I quit to go in a business.

I loved the job of teaching English to adult refugees.

Now, that was a happy experience and I remember my teacher friends, especially Susanne, Mike and Kay.

It Is About Old Age, bad health and a New Challenge. 


I am old now and am on the last list or the last of my journy.  You know even though my dad was a genius, he could not spell the short easy words.  I wonder if I am a genius since I can not spell some words.

I made a Website.  I should say I built a Website.  My dad built the 47-foot cowboy and he worked full time at the Amarillo Air Force Base as a writer and editor of technical manuals.  It was in his spare time that he built the other projects that I listed already.

Before I built the Website, find me jeans with the title, ‘501 Levi original and tall & original fit jeans for men, I had challenged an oil

company about their calculations on the distribution results. Shell oil company


I had to learn the basic math to do that, but I did not have to use Algebra.


My pictorial exhibit was built soon after my conflict with the oil  company.  They won by the way.

The pictorial exhibit took 4 months of hard work to finish.   It was heavy.  It was 8-feet wide and 48 inches wide.  It contained

all the works or events in the life of my dad; from 1935 to his death in 1997.   This part of the exhibit shows the right side.The folding right side of the pictorial exhibit

I could give lessons on the subject of Pictorial Exhibit Design.

After I took the Pictorial Exhibit to Amarillo for an appearance, I came home and I thought about internet marketing.

I chose Wealthy Affiliate after I had checked to see if they were a scam.  I could tell they were honest and stable.

In January 2016, I  entered the free classes just to see if I could do it.   I knew I had to learn how to use the computer, but I wanted the time to do something worthwhile before I died.

I did not know much about how to use the computer.  At first I was afraid It would be like algebra.  But after a few weeks I joined the premium and have never regretted my decision.

Can you guess what it is about, my niche and my Website’s title?  Here is a picture that tells all about my site, but now I have to go to finish writing my Product Review and putting more items on my page, Accessories.

Levi jeans niche was and is a passion of mine, but writing has also been a discovery along with the building of the Pictorial Exhibit Design.

In case you want to know, that exhibit weighs so much that my daughter, Nataha and I both have to slide it to reach the other room.  It is made of a heavier plywoood.  The length is 8 feet long and 48 inches tall.  The two sides swing open and shut.

You can learn all about the pictorial exhibit on my Website, 501 Levi original and tall & big original fit jeans for men.

By the way, I love Levi Strauss and Company.  Just reading about Strauss and Davis reminded me of my dad.

I hope you have enjoyed the pictures.   Please read the Posts stories for your entertainment.

About me

About me.

Who am I?

My name is Judy and am from the mile high city of Denver.  That is Where I am.   Now more to who am I?

I am 73 years old and I am happy to say I have all my faculties.  Is that all I am?
I was a teacher for many years.

I was raised in Canyon which is near Amarillo, Texas.   It was a small provincial town.  You know the town with the square with businesses all around?


We lived there for 9 years beginning when I was in the 4th grade.
After my dad sold his curio shop and motel business, we moved to Amarillo.

I then went to Amarillo College.   I finally graduated in 1967.
Dad then taught piano and sculptured and mom composed piano pieces and taught piano too.

We, fortunately, had two music rooms.  No, we were not rich, but thankfully there was good income in private teaching.

Did you work?

After I graduated, I taught Speech Therapy for many years and at all grade levels.  It was a difficult work.  I had not had a good training from my courses in school when I graduated.
I liked certain aspects, but as a whole, I did not do very well.   Nor did I like teaching this subject in the public school system.   I was miserable, but you got to do what you got to do, right?
I was even not rehired sometimes.  The school systems use that word, but it means you were fired.  Then I would try to find a teaching position which means I had to move to a different city.
Did you enjoy any kind of work?
In 1979, I began to teach English as a Second Language to adults in Denver, Colorado.  I was well liked and I felt I was doing something important; teaching refugees how to speak English to help them find jobs later—to support their families.
I enjoyed this job of teaching adults English.   Not only was teaching fun, but I was able to socialize and to eat foods from different lands.
When the teachers got invited to a wedding reception dinner, watch out!  We did not eat for at least one day before the special event, maybe two.
The reason?   Many of our students would have would invite us to a wedding feast and serve a least a 10-course meal.  We often were invited to their homes to eat and to socialize.
Did you learn from your students?
On the teacher’s breaks, we often sat with some students and chatted.  This helped their English. It helped the teachers learn more than the usual feedback in the classroom.

It helped us learn about informal things; such as ‘what is considered polite in their country’.  Americans put their pack of cigarettes hidden in their purse or pockets.

The students that I taught had the custom of leaving the pack on the table.  They told me why they did that.

They said it was[like an invitation to take one.  It was a polite gesture to do.  Polite was and is the keyword I learned and followed in my life since that time in my life.

I devoted my time to my family as well as my students.   That left no room for anything else.  I did go dancing sometimes.  I loved to play pool sometimes too.

The family
When both of my kids were in elementary school I had to communicate with the teachers.  My daughter, Natasha, is disabled.  There were many Doctor visits when she was growing up.

The teachers were a big part of her recovery.

She had leg lengthening surgery when she was 10 years old.  I stayed with her during the day and at night too.  She was in the hospital for three months.  I had to balance hospital, work, and family, but it turned out fine for all of us.

Her brother, James, and my daughter were and are very close.  He did not mind too much that his mom had to focus more on his sister.  Still, he missed his mom.

Today, James is a computer engineer.  Natasha lives at home but does some Bible studies.

Natasha is 42 years old and her

Later, when I retired I too was getting Social Security Income like my daughter.  I have a severe hearing loss.  I loved this time in my life.
I got to stay home and not have to get up so early in the morning to go to work.  I no longer had to fight the ice and snow to get to work.
I had more time to clean the house.   More time for everything–even grandchildren.
The best part is that I learned a lot from my mistakes in life.   First, I married the wrong men and I have the stigma of a ‘divorced’ woman from my parents.
No more sad music here, but I still have good memories from both of my husbands.   I have recently have had some contact with my former second husband.   My first husband is deceased.

What about your philosophy?
Philosophy is not a word I care to use.  It is too transient.  The word I like to use is ‘principles’.

I have principles that are self-sustaining during difficult times.  You know the adage,   “if you knew then what you know now”—   Well that is not a fair statement.  We are all imperfect.   We do the wrong things. We make mistakes.

I am old and it is true that I wish sometimes that I had more sense when I was young.  Wisdom is the word.

Some are wise at an early young age and others are at a late age.  You know that already, don’t you?

One basic principle that I live by is to treat people as you would want to be treated.   This is simple but people need to practice it in order to have a peaceful and unselfish relationship with those close to you.

We live in a me, the all-important “me” world.  We do what we want to do and do not have any boundaries except those we have set for ourselves.   I believe in a Creator and I believe He has the right to set the boundaries.

I do not like people to judge me so I do not judge people.

Another thinking of mine is that we go through life with saying or having extremes at times; having wonderful— or having terrible—.  The duration is not significant.  When I am very happy with something that has happened, I know that later that happy something may turn into something not so happy.

A simple example is at a time you are happy you got a good refund on your tax.  But later, you are unhappy about the tax money since the refund is not enough to pay for a coat you have wanted.  Stupid example right?

What about your passionate niche?
My passionate niche is 501 Levi jeans.  And the big 47-foot cowboy started it all.  The real Levi jeans on the big cowboy were made by a Levi sewing manufacturing company in Amarillo.

The building of this special statue captured my love for my dad’s genius and creativity but much later in my life.

When I research about Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis, inventors of the blue jeans, my love for 501 Levi jeans grew even more.

When I did an extensive search about LS&Co, I also read a lot about Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis, entrepreneurs and inventors of the blue jeans who reminded me of my dad.

A major reason for my passion is because the big 47-foot cowboy was hand-built by my dad in 1959  and finished in 1960.   Me seeing how he built the cowboy (to a certain degree) and all the rest of his creative works instilled a love for everything my dad built or created.

There are funny stories about the 47-foot cowboy.In fact, the story about my niche begins with the big cowboy.

That cowboy became famous with tourist throughout the United States.  My happiest memories were centered around the big cowboy, the curio shop. the gunfighter museum and the big cowboy.

If you had seen the big cowboy with his authentic Levi jeans and real shirt, you would still remember him today.

I did not wear jeans much when I was in high school.  I started wearing jeans in earnest in the early 1970’s.  However, sometime in the late 1960’s I remember lying on my bed to put on my jeans.  In those days, I only heard about Levi jeans.

I do hope that 501® Levi® original and tall & big original fit jeans will be an interest for all who love the 501® jeans.    That is the title of my website.  My domain is find me jeans.
This niche about 501 jeans.  original and tall & big original fit jeans is in fact. my domain name is, ‘find me jeans’, but it is too late to change it now.
The 501’s are definitely an investment in good fashion, but Levi jeans is my passion in my old age because the 47-foot cowboy my dad built has real levi jeans.   The stories are for entertainment and then I have pages that have jean accessories as well as the 501 jeans.

my picture

This is my story, but first I would like to present myself.  It is not too bad of a picture for an older lady, is it?
Levi jeans left a lasting impression on me when I was quite young.
My first memory is the feel of the smooth yet sturdy cotton denim jeans that the 47-foot cowboy statue wore in 1960 in a small town in Texas.

big cowboy

Can you imagine the size of the clothes that had to be made for this Big, Tall cowboy?
The artist who built the big tall cowboy was my dad, William Harry Wheeler.  Levi Strauss had no difficulty in providing the original fit blue denim jeans for the cowboy.  There was a sewing manufacturing company in Amarillo who excitedly and proudly made the Levi® original jeans to fit the cowboy after dad gave the measurements.
Please check out the top headings in my Website and click on the ‘Big 47 foot cowboy’ to see how he looked wearing the large original denim jeans, and his authentic yellow shirt with the small blue stripes, including the snap button pockets popular worn in those days in the late 1950’s.
Oh yes, they’re real clothes manufactured from the Levi sewing factory.   They were excited and happy to make the jeans for the big cowboy.   Dad had a time adjusting the jeans, but later used craned to help him sew the real Levi denim jeans with sailor’s wire.
adjusting jeans

Do you see dad adjusting the jeans?   Yes, it was a tall order.
I remember the story about how the tent and awning company had some ladies cut out the pattern in the high school gym.  They were an eager group of elderly ladies and had wanted and had been happy and excited to make the shirt.  When my dad got the shirt, he was very pleased.  They were proud and delighted.
Later, when he started to sew the jeans on the cowboy, Dad discovered the shirt was too SMALL!  Instead of telling these ladies, who had worked so hard to make the shirt of the slight discrepancy, my dad just added the necessary material to finish sewing the shirt.
I remember dad was always a kind and thoughtful man.
There are many stories I remember about the cowboy and his real Levi jeans.
In 1963 men began to wear Levi jeans that were preshrunk. Then years later, Levi Strauss introduced bell bottom jeans.  (I don’t remember the exact year).  At first, I was not interested in these jeans.  They were worn by the “anti-establishment”, and although these jeans were popular, they were only found in thrift and Army surplus stores.  Some clever people cut their jeans and added some material to make their own bell bottom jeans or pants of all kinds.  I did not start wearing them until the beginning of the early 1970’s.  It was at this time happily, Levi Strauss introduced the new collection of bell bottoms for men and women.  I know the first time I wore them in earnest.
bell bottoms
It was at this time happily, Levi Strauss introduced the new collection of bell bottoms for men and women.  I know the first time I wore them in earnest.
A teacher friend of mine “sold” the idea that jeans were popular even for the mainstream culture.  That did not concern me.  I just wasn’t used to wearing pants.  I just got in the habit of wearing mini dresses and skirts, even after work.
She “taught ” me to wear bell bottoms by giving me a pair of hers, and she also gave me some turnip greens with ham hocks I had never eaten before, which I still love both today.

When the men wore these great looking Levi jeans to go dancing, how did they look?   Both the women and men looked very cook and were fashionable.  Does anyone have a picture of the couples dancing together in the 1970’s?
The popularity of the Levi bell bottoms could not be comparable, in my opinion, and many macho men felt the same way; they danced the same way too.
It was a time for dancing to the beat of the music.
Tight fitting Levi jeans, bell bottoms, and the platform shoes were the scene of the 1970’s.   Styles of the fabulous 70’s were colorful, fun and had a dashing display of Flare.
Personally, they were a great fit for me too.    In 1978, the jeans had a slim fit, a square top block, and a low rise.  In contrast,  in 1966 Levi had a rounded top block and a tapered leg.
But you say most jeans in 2016 look great too! I agree.   But during the 1970’s and 1980’s, I was very small and looked fine wearing Levi® jeans.   Since the beginning, Levi has been keeping their reputation intact for quality and durability as experienced by the 501 Levi®’s originally.
I found many men who were big and tall and some who were just tall who felt that the collection of the original Levi tall and big fit jean had the best quality and fit in their experience even though they were thinner than before.
I had the best childhood to remember, fortunately.
I had a great childhood.  Mom and dad both were talented people who loved music and built their lives around classical sounds.  I grew up listening to the records when I was just five years old.   My dad taught band, and my mom taught piano.  Music was what I heard most of my young childhood.

Dad had a full-time job as a writer and editor of technical manuals at Amarillo Air Force Base.    In fact, he was able to put in a lot of time after work building/creating.
I remember how hard both of my parents worked to take care of the Curio shop.  I did too after school.   Sometimes I would look outside when it was time for a sunset.   The road was a two-lane highway, but in the 1950’s I remember it well.

Mom, at least, did not have to cook.  That was left up to my grandma.  She loved to cook and was good at it.
When it came time for either my sister or me to wash dishes, it was a big chore.  Maw (my grandmother) left a big mess when she cooked.  We loved our grandma very much and by her example taught me many things.
Dad was always busy too.  After working as an editor and teacher at the Amarillo Air Force Base, he would come home to finish his building project that he was doing at the time.  He also loved to practice on the piano.  Mom accompanied students for the University where we lived.   They also played duo piano.
Never a dull moment in our house.
The Wheeler household that I remember was peaceful even though a lot of creative endeavors were being experienced.
Next came the times in my life that my dad had the curio shop business.  Many tourists would stop in to buy their souvenirs and buy the 10 cent cokes from the coke machine on the porch.  My twin sister and I took turns watching the curio shop to give the customers their change.  This was after school when I was still in 9th grade.
We had more advantages than others simply because my dad’s businesses helped us learn about people and places traveling throughout the United States.  The building projects and its progress that dad was doing at the time, were exciting to watch.  The black and white picture shows the Cowboy Cafe that also catered to tourist and the local people also.

In the 9 years, we lived in Canyon dad built/created as an artist hand-made signs on the highway and on the curio shop; 6 unit motel; a 22 -foot cowboy; a 47-foot cowboy; a gunfighter museum; and taught a mule how to drink cokes out of a bottle.   I did not realize that this was an unusual household.   My twin sister had our antics.   I remember walking on stilts the very first time.   I composed a play which we had our grandma and mom attend outside our family home.
I was not talented with the violin, but my teacher and I plodded on.  I wrote some music about the 23rd Psalm and mom wrote it down.   My sister and I did some acting in high school.
The building projects and its progress that dad was doing at the time, were exciting to watch.
The first thing you knew Dad was building a motel!  He had a friend help sometimes.   They shared a ride at work at the Air Force Base.    The motel was named “The Corral Curio Shop Motel.   The 22-foot cowboy was built.

Then came the gunfighter’s museum that was set up in the Corral Curios Shop.  Then, the 47- foot cowboy was built. The signs went up at the curio shop and on the highway during this time in the 1950’s.
And all so very quickly.  All this was done to entertain the tourist, but it ended up mostly entertaining all of us in the family.  I even helped occasionally.
I stood by the cowboy with his real Levi original blue denim jeans, and his yellow shirt, while I looked to the West to capture some of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen.

It’s strange, that cowboy with his real Levi jeans effected us all, including my dad who built him.  He loved everything he created and built.  What an accomplishment!
Everyone had to look way up to see the cowboy’s face and his black hat.  He was a handsome dude.  The tourist could see the cowboy from a mile or two.  Anticipatory signs were built by my dad to inform the tourist about the cowboy and the directions to exit.
When it was first built, I told my dad to write his name and the date the cowboy was built.   He had me do it himself.  The big cowboy was a great interest to everyone.
You will have to wait to know about my dad from a website I am planning that will tell about him from the 1930’s to his death in 1997.  It will say something about the pictorial exhibit about his life through rare pictures, items of interest, and stories.
What about me today? I am a vain person and want to look good in my Levi jeans, so I wear to dress?
“What?”, you exclaim. “She talks about jeans, but doesn’t wear them?”, they add.   My answer is that I am overweight and I do not want to wear my jeans that would really show everyone how fat I am, So—I wear to cover-up dresses and skirts, for NOW, that is.  I wear jeans around the apartment
If you have any questions or comments, I will try to answer you as soon as possible. Your feedback is very important to me. So Please fill out your comments or questions below.
Also, keep checking my website, ‘501 Levi® jeans for men’ or  because I will perhaps bring you new information and pictures for your enjoyment.  Check out my mule stories.  They are fun and entertaining.  They remind me of the 501 Levi® original fit and tall & big original fit jeans for men.   Levi Strauss at that time in the early 1950’s was a common name.
I loved our mule and I loved everything about dad’s business of a tourist attraction.
You may also want to watch my video with the young men who wore and loved their ‘501 Levi® original fit and tall & big original fit jeans for men.
The video will be finished later as well as some of the posts.
My best wishes!
The author of the website, 501 Lev®i original fit and the tall & big original fit jeans for men.  My email is

Story of Cotton-can it be Denim?

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branch of a cotton plantThe Story of Cotton-Can It Be denim?

Can you hum a tune or sing the song, cotton fields back home?

Everyone knows the song: In the cotton fields back home. 

“When I was a little bitty baby my momma would rock me in the cradle. 

In them old cotton fields back home.”

 The last verse goes like this.

“It was down in Louisiana Just about a mile from Texarkana,    

In old cotton fields back home! 

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Table of contents

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pun showing open book introducing the "Table of Contents."The Table of Contents-homepage

Descriptions-What is it all about?

The table of contents is a list of all the pages and posts with a brief summary or descriptions to help visitors navigate with ease to interesting sites from my website.   That’s what it is about.

What’s the Website all about?   ‘It’s about 501® Levi® original and tall & big original fit jeans for men’.   Looking good!



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The pictorial exhibit design:

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Pictorial exhibit about my dad's life from the 1930's to 1997A.  The Pictorial Exhibit Details      The making of the pictorial exhibit took a lot of work and time.   But it was fun and it helped me learn that I too have some artistic abilities.

 You too can make any pictorial exhibit design.  It takes motive and concentration.  Mostly, it takes love for the individual depicted on the Exhibit.

Some people show pictures from an album.  Some are fortunate to have film of their loved ones.  Sad to say, many have nothing.  Maybe things were lost or may be collections of any sort were ignored and discarded.



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My mule stories–invitation to a tea party

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Brown donkeyFrancis had an Invitation to a Tea Party at a fancy hotel downtown

Can you imagine a mule going to a fancy hotel to attend a tea party given by a group of elderly ladies? 


I had to answer the invitation because Francis—that’s the name of my dad’s mule—did not know how to speak the language of those elderly women.  It is a matter of semantics.



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The mule story–the unexpected call

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Blue light reflecting from a Police CarThe Unexpected Call—dreaded and late

How would you react to a late unexpected call from the police while you were asleep in bed?

 Francis, our coke drinking mule whose home is behind the curio shop, but visits people who give him a bottle of coke to drink is Keeping Company with the Police at 2:00 in the Morning.

It was a morning just like this.  A time for sleeping waiting for dawn.   My dad answered the dreaded call.



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My mule stories-busload of kids

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bus at curios shopMy mule story-a busload of kids     An introduction to Francis, our beautiful mule who loved drinking cokes and who entertained thousands of tourist over 50 years ago.   He is talking to you.  “Heeeee  Ha” 

This is the story about the busload of kids who gave Francis one or more bottles of coca cola one day.   It was on a Saturday when Francis saw the bus.

Francis heard the commotion but did not figure out who these kids were doing on a bus.  Then they started buying the 10 cent bottle of coke.

“Hee Ha”  “Hee Ha!”   Francis, the coke drinking mule brayed to the kids to give him a bottle of coke.  There were at least 20 kids.



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The big 47 foot cowboy

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47 foot statue of a big cowboy hand-builtThe big 47-foot cowboy

501® Levi ® original fit and tall & big original fit jeans for men.     

Levi jeans began in 1873 and in 1960, these famous Tall and big original fit jeans were made especially for the first and the only 47-foot statue of a cowboy.  That is because there are no other statues of this kind that were ever built.

Today the reputation for the Levi name continues as did the popularity of those original fit blue jeans had earned for the cowboy.


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Funny stories about the big cowboy


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laughing togetherFunny Stories About the Cowboy

There are many funny stories that was told to me or that I was present at the time.  Tourists saw the cowboy and thought he was a plane.

I was given stilts and was ready to run.  The cowboy’s shirt was made in a gymnasium, but it ended up too small.  Dad did not tell them.  He did not want to hurt their feelings.   They were so excited to help.

I have pictures that will put a smile on your face.  Do you want a cure?  Try on a laugh.


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10 interesting facts about denim jeans.

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10 interesting facts about denim jeans.   “Happiness is love and blue jeans.”  

There are 10 interesting facts I have included in this post.  Some of these facts will be remembered, but some people may not remember these 10 facts.  They are interesting because Levi Strauss, the man himself was a creative genius.

We are thankful for both Strauss and Davis: otherwise, we may be wearing silk jeans®–  blue silk jeans®.

Not to Worry!  501® Levi® original and tall & big original fit jeans for men are made of denim.  Here are some facts (& fun videos) that may surprise you.


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Levi Strauss story for Johnnie icon to remind visiters that Website is find me jeans


smelling jeans out of the freezer

The Levi Strauss History The making of the 501® Levi jeans—A Long Story in History To Remember for Johnny!

Tonight, Johnnie and Grandma will talk about jeans, Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis.  They talk every night before Johnnie’s bedtime.  Johnnie is only 10 years old but loves true stories.

Tonight, he was thinking about his dad.  Johnnie thought he was the greatest.  And his dad wore jeans.

I (grandma) was sitting on the sofa next to my Grandson.   We were going to talk about a story like we do every night.

He thought dad cleaned his jeans in the freezer too.


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