These are some of my favorite accessories. I have listed them by the product, price, rating, colors, descriptions and detailed information. The sizing details and how to measure are two of the most important items to review. Please do so Before you buy any product as well as the Product Review.

Please scroll down to the specific accessories.
The accessories include shoes,  jackets; and jean jackets; shirts, coat; and belts.
Also. links are provided for you to ease the transition to Amazon where you can buy the particular product as well as to look around for other choices.
Every time you click on a link, I also get a small commission from Amazon if you should buy the product.   Money implies greed sometimes, but need money is my bi – word and motive for living expenses.  Now that my sob story has ended, please enjoy shopping.   Take a look at other websites, but please  come back to mine.
Another purpose for this website is that it is for your entertainment.  I hope you find it to be so!   Judy