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My name is Judy and am from the mile high city of Denver. I am 73 years old and I am happy to say I have all my faculties.  It is my hope that big, tall men are interested in the 501 Levi® tall & big size fit jeans for men.  For regular size men, I do hope that the 501 Levi® original fit jeans will interest you too.

I also include the 501 Levi® original fit jeans with the title of my website, 501 Levi® original fit and tall and big original fit jeans for men.

It is my hope that you will enjoy my website, The 501’s are definitely an investment in good fashion.about Judy

This is my story, but first I would like to present myself.  It is not too bad of a picture for an older lady, is it?

Levi jeans left a lasting impression on me when I was quite young.

My first memory is the feel of the smooth yet sturdy cotton denim jeans that the 47-foot cowboy statue wore in 1960 in a small town in Texas.

Can you imagine the size of the clothes that had to be made for this Big, Tall cowboy?  

The artist who built the big tall cowboy was my dad, William Harry Wheeler.  Levi Strauss had no difficulty in providing the original fit blue denim jeans for the cowboy.  There was a sewing manufacturing company in Amarillo who excitedly and proudly made the Levi® original jeans to fit the cowboy after dad gave the measurements.

Please check out the top headings in my Website and click on the ‘Big 47 foot cowboy’ to see how he looked wearing the large original denim jeans, and his authentic yellow shirt with the small blue stripes, including the snap button pockets popular worn in those days in the late 1950’s.

Oh yes, they’re real clothes.    Awesome.  The big Tall cowboy looked just fine.

I remember the story about how the tent and awning company had some ladies cut out the pattern in the high school gem.  They were an eager group of elderly ladies and had wanted and had been happy and excited to make the shirt.  When my dad got the shirt, he was very pleased.  They were proud and delighted.

Later, when he started to sew the jeans on the cowboy, Dad discovered the shirt was too SMALL!  Instead of telling these ladies, who had worked so hard to make the shirt of the slight discrepancy, my dad just added the necessary material to finish sewing the shirt.

I remember dad was always a kind and thoughtful man.

There are many stories I remember about the cowboy and his real Levi jeans, but some, unfortunately, I do not have a lot of details.

In 1963 men began to wear Levi jeans that were preshrunk. Then years later, Levi Strauss introduced bell bottom jeans.  (I don’tBell bottoms remember the exact year).  At first, I was not interested in these jeans.  They were worn by the “anti-establishment”, and although these jeans were popular, they were only found in thrift and Army surplus stores.  Some clever people cut their jeans and added some material to make their own bell bottom jeans or pants of all kinds.  I did not start wearing them until the beginning of the early 1970’s.  It was at this time happily, Levi Strauss introduced the new collection of bell bottoms for men and women.  I know the first time I wore them in earnest.

It was at this time happily, Levi Strauss introduced the new collection of bell bottoms for men and women.  I know the first time I wore them in earnest.

A teacher friend of mine “sold” the idea that jeans were popular even for the mainstream culture.  That did not concern me.  I just wasn’t used to wearing pants.  I just got in the habit of wearing mini dresses and skirts, even after work.

She “taught ” me to wear bell bottoms by giving me a pair of hers, and she also gave me some turnip greens with ham hocks I had never eaten before, which I still love both today.


When the men wore these great looking Levi jeans to go
dancing, how did they look? They looked fine, really fine.  The women looked even finer!  They looked real cool dancing together.

The popularity of the Levi bell bottoms could not be
comparable, in my opinion, and many macho men
felt the same way; they danced the same way too.

It was a time it was easy to dance to the beat of the music.

Tight fitting Levi jeans, bell bottoms, and the platform shoes were the scene of the 1970’s. Styles of the fabulous 70’s were colorful, fun and had a dashing display of Flare. Personally, they were a

Personally, they were a great fit for me too. In 1978, the jeans had a slim fit square top block and a low rise. In contrast,  in 1966 Levi had a rounded top block and a tapered leg.

But you say most jeans in 2016 look great too! I agree. Since the beginning, Levi has been keeping their reputation intact for quality and durability as experienced by the 501 Levi®’s originally.

I found many men who were big and tall and some who were just tall who felt that the collection of the original Levi tall and big fit jean had the best quality and fit in their experience even though they were thinner than before.

I had the best childhood to remember, fortunately.

I had a great childhood.  Mom and dad both were talented people who loved music and built their lives around classical sounds.  I grew up listening to the records when I was just five years old.  My dad taught band, and my mom taught piano.  Music was what I heard most of my young childhood.

I remember how hard both of my parents worked to take care of the Curio shop.  Mom, at least, did not have to cook.  That was left up to my grandma.  She loved to cook and was good at it.

When it came time for either my sister or me to wash dishes, it was a big chore.  Maw (my grandmother) left a big mess when she cooked.  We loved our grandma very much and by her example taught me many things.

Dad was always busy too.  After working as an editor and teacher at the Amarillo Air Force Base, he would come home to finish his building project that he was doing at the time.  He also loved to practice on the piano.  Mom accompanied students for the University where we lived.

Never a dull moment in our house.

The Wheeler household that I remember was peaceful even though a lot of creative endeavors were being experienced.

Next came the times in my life that my dad had the curio shop business.  Many tourists would stop in to buy their souvenirs and buy the 10 cent cokes from the coke machine on the porch.  My twin sister and I took turns watching the curio shop to give the customers their change.  This was after school when I was still in 9th grade.

We had more advantages than others simply because my dad’s businesses helped us learn about people and places traveling throughout the United States.  The building projects and its progress that dad was doing at the time, were exciting to watch.  The previous paragraphs tell how the household lived in those days.

The building projects and its progress that dad was doing at the time, were exciting to watch.    

The first thing you knew Dad and a friend (sometimes)  was building the motel.  It was named “The Corral Curio Shop Motel.  The 22-foot cowboy was built.  Then came the gunfighter’s museum that was set up in the Corral Curios Shop.  Then, the 47- foot cowboy was built. The signs went up at the curio shop and on the highway during this time in the 1950’s.

And all so very quickly.  All this was done to entertain the tourist, but it ended up mostly entertaining all of us in the family.  I even helped occasionally.

I stood by the cowboy with his real Levi original blue denim jeans, and his yellow shirt, while I looked to the West to capture some of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen.
It’s strange, that cowboy with his real Levi jeans effected us all, including my dad who built him.  He loved everything he created and built.  What an accomplishment!

Everyone had to look way up to see the cowboy’s face and his black hat.  He was a handsome dude.  The tourist could see the cowboy from a mile or two.  Anticipatory signs were built by my dad to inform the tourist about the cowboy and the directions to exit.

When it was first built, I told my dad to write his name and the date the cowboy was built.   He had me do it himself.  The big cowboy was a great interest to everyone.

You will have to wait to know about my dad from a website I am planning that will tell about him from the 1930’s to his death in 1997.  It will say something about the pictorial exhibit about his life through rare pictures, items of interest, and stories.

What about me today? I am a vain person and want to look good in my Levi jeans, so I wear to dress?
“What?“, you exclaim. “She talks about jeans, but doesn’t wear them?”, they add.   My answer is that I am overweight and I do not want to wear my jeans that would really show everyone how fat I am, So—I wear cover- up dresses and skirts, for NOW, that is.

However in a short time (one year) please check back to my website,  Email me at Judy@findmejeans.com and I will show you a great looking pair of jeans on this 74 years old me,  I promise to make an effort to do so.

If you have any questions or comments, I will try to answer you as soon as possible. Your feedback is very important to me. So Please fill out your comments or questions below.

Also, keep checking my website, ‘501 Levi® jeans for men’ or findmejeans.com  because I will perhaps bring you new information and pictures for your enjoyment.  Check out my mule stories.  Just scroll down; fun and entertaining.  They remind me of the 501 Levi® original fit and tall & big original fit jeans for men.   I loved our mule and I loved everything about dad’s business of a tourist attraction.
You may also want to watch my video with the young men who wore and loved their Big Tall Levi original and regular straight jeans too.The big cowboy

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