About Judy

Who am I?

My name is Judy and am from the mile high city of Denver.  That is Where I am.   Now more to whom am I?

I am 73 years old and I am happy to say I have all my faculties.  Is that all I am?

71 about Judy

I was a teacher for many years.

I was raised in Canyon which is near Amarillo, Texas.   It was a small provincial town.  You know the town with the square with businesses all around?

We lived there for 9 years beginning when I was in the 4th grade.
After my dad sold his curio shop and motel business, we moved to Amarillo.



I then went to Texas State University.  I finally graduated in 1967.  I married and later had a son.  His name is James.

I taught Speech Therapy in elementary schools.  I hated it.  I was remarried in 1972 and had my daughter, Natasha.

I think I could have done more things in my life and I did do okay.

The biggest problem was that I made very little money.  Sometimes, I had to call my mom and dad for help, but they gave it to me freely.

Another thing I just found out, was that I have been legally deaf all my life; that is profoundly deaf.

Looking back, I remember that as a girl in elementary school, in order to hear I would sit close to the teacher or the blackboard.  The teachers in those days stood up front and wrote on the blackboard.

old-fashioned classroom


I read the lips and faked my learning even through college.

In social life, I could hear if someone was near.  I could not understand what people were saying mostly, but I could hear the sound enough that I thought everything was normal.

When I taught Speech Therapy, I was in a small room so there was no problem with understanding speech with the young kids.   Meetings and programs were the problems.

answer questions about Why?

No one knows the cause.  But, as long as I was faking it no one asked any questions until my dad noticed.

He wanted me to get a hearing aid.  He would say, “Judy, people are going to think you are slow.”  I would laugh.

I did go and did get hearing aids which I wore for many years.  They helped, but I still could not understand speech or singers on a record.  (when I was young, we listened to records)

When I was 75, my age now when I finally got a cochlear implant.  It is still a slow process, but in another 5 months, I should be hearing very well, more than well.

cochlear implant

I married twice; divorced twice.   The first baby I had was a boy that I name James Thomas, and a daughter named Natasha.

I loved them terribly and I would try to get whatever they needed or wanted.  That was not always possible.  Sometimes it was the lack of money, moving to a new city, being fired from a job, being hired somewhere else, marriage, divorce, and plenty of mistakes.Lonely woman waiting

I did fine fulfillment in my work as an Internet Marketer.  I enjoy the happiness of my son and daughter.

My son is happily married and is a computer technician at Southwest Airlines.  He makes good money.

This combination of job income and a happy marriage provides a steady, content life.

No severe ups and downs like he had when he and my daughter were children and even in high school.

Now that I have done other things in my life, it is sad my son does not really know me.  (He lives in another State)

My daughter will understand me later.  She will have Her memories.


Allow me to tell you about my family; my mom and my dad.  Learning about my dad helped establish that I am just like him in character and somewhat his creative talent.

In other words, he and I were alike in thinking, but I was not as creative as he was.

My memories of him helped me in my creative endeavors.  I had the cream of the life by being the daughter of this creative genius.

I loved music because of both my mom and dad.  Dad was creative and innovative with his sculpture, the cowboy, the museum, the curio shop, well, just about everything he did in life.

My mom was a beautiful woman.  She helped my dad in everything he did.

She helped him with the making of the rugs; taking care of customers at our curio shop; playing professional duo piano; giving advice that he wanted; just everything he needed to be done or helped with his creative stuff that he did.

Dad then taught piano and sculptured and mom composed piano pieces and taught piano too.

We, fortunately, had two music rooms.  No, we were not rich, but thankfully there was good income in private teaching.

We had a musical and happy home-life.  I did not realize how fortunate we all were.

piano and composition sheet musicpiano

After I graduated, I taught Speech Therapy for many years and at all grade levels.  It was a difficult work.  I had not had a good training from my courses in school when I graduated

I liked certain aspects, but as a whole, I did not do very well.   Nor did I like teaching this subject in the public school system.   I was miserable, but you got to do what you got to do, right?

I was even not rehired sometimes.  The school systems use that word, but it means you were fired.  Then I would try to find a teaching position which means I had to move to a different city.


In 1979, I began to teach English as a Second Language to adults in Denver, Colorado.  I was well liked and I felt I was doing something important; teaching refugees how to speak English to help them find jobs later—to support their families.

I enjoyed this job of teaching adults English.   Not only was teaching fun, but I was able to socialize and to eat foods from different lands.

This is a picture of one of my favorite schools where I taught English to the refugees.

Emily Griffith Opportunity School downtown Denver

When the teachers got invited to a wedding reception dinner, watch out!  We did not eat for at least one day before the special event, maybe two.

The reason?   Many of our students would have would invite us to a wedding feast and serve a least a 10-course meal.  We often were invited to their homes to eat and to socialize.

On the teacher’s breaks, we often sat with some students and chatted.  This helped their English. It helped the teachers learn more than the usual feedback in the classroom.

It helped us learn about informal things; such as ‘what is considered polite in their country’.  Americans put their pack of cigarettes hidden in their purse or pockets.

The students that I taught had the custom of leaving the pack on the table.  They told me why they did that.

They said it was like an invitation to take one.  It was a polite gesture to do.  Polite was and is the keyword I learned and followed in my life since that time in my life.

I devoted my time to my family as well as my students.   That left no room for anything else.  I did go dancing sometimes.  I loved to play pool sometimes too.

The family

When both of my kids were in elementary school I had to communicate with the teachers.  My daughter, Natasha, is disabled.  There were many Doctor visits when she was growing up.

The teachers were a big part of her recovery.

She had leg lengthening surgery when she was 10 years old.  I stayed with her during the day and at night too.  She was in the hospital for three months.  I had to balance hospital, work, and family, but it turned out fine for all of us.

Her brother, James, and my daughter were and are very close.  He did not mind too much that his mom had to focus more on his sister.  Still, he missed his mom.

Today, James is a computer engineer.  He is married and has 4 kids.  And some grand children also.

Natasha lives at home but does some Bible studies.

Natasha is 42 years old and her brother is 49 years old.


Later, when I retired I too was getting Social Security Income like my daughter.  I have a severe hearing loss.  I loved this time in my life.

I got to stay home and not have to get up so early in the morning to go to work.  I no longer had to fight the ice and snow to get to work.

I had more time to clean the house.   More time for everything–even grandchildren.

The best part is that I learned a lot from my mistakes in life.   First, I married the wrong men and I have the stigma of a ‘divorced’ woman from my parents.

Second, I learned how to take responsibility for my family and my work.

No more sad music here, but I still have good memories from both of my husbands.   I have recently have had some contact with my former second husband.   My first husband is deceased.

I have a great grand daughter I have not seen.  That is hard to deal with sometimes.  She is cute and quite active.  I imagine she is smart too.


Philosophy is not a word I care to use.  It is too transient.  The word I like to use is ‘principles’.

I have principles that are self-sustaining during difficult times.  You know the adage,   “if you knew then what you know now”—   Well that is not a fair statement.  We are all imperfect.   We do the wrong things. We make mistakes.

sculpture needing refurbishment

I am old as that stature is but sometimes I feel like it. It is true that I wish sometimes that I had more sense when I was young.  Wisdom is the word.

Some are wise at an early young age and others are at a late age.  You know that already, don’t you?

One basic principle that I live by is to treat people as you would want to be treated.   This is simple but people need to practice it in order to have a peaceful and unselfish relationship with those close to you.

We live all about me world.  The me, the all-important “me” world.  We do what we want to do and do not have any boundaries except those we have set for ourselves.

I believe in a Creator and I believe He has the right to set the boundaries.  I live by His standards or right or wrong.  Also, I learn more and more about his righteous principles.

I do not like people to judge me so I do not judge people.

Object of Legal, Privacy Policy

Another thinking of mine is that we go through life with saying or having extremes at times; having wonderful— or having terrible—.  The duration is not significant.

When I am very happy with something that has happened, I know that later that happy something may turn into something not so happy.

A simple example is at a time you are happy you got a good refund on your tax.  But later, you are unhappy about the tax money since the refund is not enough to pay for a coat you have wanted.  Stupid example right?


My passionate  website’s niche is 501® Levi® jeans.  The name of my website is https://findmejeans.com

Now, my passion is keeping everything working.  I love working at the computer.  I taught myself everything about it.

A media-social woman who worked once a week at my apartment knew what I could do with the computer.

She told me I had passed her in abilities with the computer.  The remark surprised me.  It made me feel good.

I was a rank beginner with the computer when I started at Wealthy Affiliate.   Now, I have been at Wealthy Affiliate University on the internet for about two years.

I do a lot of research there, but mostly I study about how to work on lessons for the website I have.

I watched my dad sometimes when he was working on the cowboy.  One day, he was in from of the porch that led inside the curio shop and he looked up and smiled at me.


And the big 47-foot cowboy started it all.  The real Levi® jeans on the big cowboy were made by a Levi sewing manufacturing company in Amarillo.

The building of this special statue in 1960 captured my love for my dad’s genius and creativity but much later in my life.

The cowboy and the Wheeler's Corral Curio shop

When I research about Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis, inventors of the blue jeans, my love for 501 Levi jeans grew even more.

When I did an extensive search about LS&Co, I also read a lot about Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis, entrepreneurs and inventors of the blue jeans who reminded me of my dad.

woman reading for entertainment

A major reason for my passion is because the big 47-foot cowboy was hand-built by my dad in 1959  and finished in 1960.

Me seeing how he built the cowboy (to a certain degree) and all the rest of his creative works instilled a love for everything my dad built or created.

There are funny stories about the 47-foot cowboy.In fact, the story about my niche begins with the big cowboy.

That cowboy became famous with tourist throughout the United States.  My happiest memories were centered around the big cowboy, the curio shop. the gunfighter museum and the big cowboy.

If you had seen the big cowboy with his authentic Levi jeans and real shirt, you would still remember him today.

The 47-foot cowboy

I did not wear jeans much when I was in high school, but I did wear them.  Mostly I word dresses.  Everyone in high school wore dresses at the time.

I started wearing jeans in earnest in the early 1970’s.  However, sometime in the late 1960’s I remember lying on my bed to put on my jeans.  In those days, I only heard about Levi jeans.

I do hope that 501® Levi® original and tall & big original fit jeans will be an interest for all who love the 501® jeans.

That is the title of my website.  My domain is findmejeans.com

This niche about 501© Levi® original fit jeans is what I started with.  Now, I have added the topic of ‘commuter’®.  It includes the accessories and the Levi clothes for the commuters™.

My favorite bike is the fortitude.  It is a bike so secure that you do not need to ever be afraid your bike will get stolen.

Fortified City Commuter Bike - One speed
The 501’s are definitely an investment in good fashion, but Levi jeans is my passion in my old age because the 47-foot cowboy my dad built has real Levi© jeans.   The stories are for entertainment and then I have pages that have jean accessories as well as the 501® jeans©.

Judy's image

This is my story, but first I would like to present myself.  It is not too bad of a picture for an older lady, is it?

Levi jeans left a lasting impression on me when I was quite young.

My first memory is the feel of the smooth yet sturdy cotton denim jeans that the 47-foot cowboy statue wore in 1960 in a small town in Texas.



Can you imagine the size of the clothes that had to be made for this Big, Tall cowboy?

The artist who built the big tall cowboy was my dad, William Harry Wheeler.  Levi Strauss had no difficulty in providing the original fit blue denim jeans for the cowboy.

There was a sewing manufacturing company in Amarillo who excitedly and proudly made the Levi® original jeans to fit the cowboy after dad gave the measurements.

Please check out the top headings in my Website and click on the ‘Big 47 foot cowboy’ to see how he looked wearing the large original denim jeans, and his authentic yellow shirt with the small blue stripes, including the snap button pockets popular worn in those days in the late 1950’s.

Oh yes, they’re real clothes manufactured from the Levi sewing factory.   They were excited and happy to make the jeans for the big cowboy.

Dad had a time adjusting the jeans.  Later used crane and a hand-built ladder to help him sew the real Levi© denim jeans with sailor’s wire.
Wheeler's adjusting the 47-foot cowboy's jeans

Do you see dad adjusting the jeans?   Yes, it was a tall order.

I remember the story about how the tent and awning company had some ladies cut out the pattern in the high school gym.

They were an eager group of elderly ladies and had wanted and had been happy and excited to make the shirt.

When my dad got the shirt, he was very pleased.  They were proud and delighted.

Later, when he started to sew the jeans on the cowboy, Dad discovered the shirt was too SMALL!

Instead of telling these ladies, who had worked so hard to make the shirt, that there was a slight discrepancy in the size.  My dad just added the necessary material to finish sewing the shirt.

I remember dad was always a kind and thoughtful man like that.  He also told interesting events or stories.

I had the best childhood to remember, fortunately.  I had a great childhood.


Mom and dad both were talented people who loved music and built their lives around classical sounds.  I grew up listening to the records when I was just five years old.

My dad taught band, and my mom taught piano.

Music was what I heard most of my young childhood.  Mom practiced the piano many times.  When she worked for the university as a composer and played piano for the students.

They all wanted her to play the piano for them because she knew how to play to match their voice.

Like I said, mom at this time help with the curio shop.  She would take care of the tourist, handle the tax records, dust the curios and other special souvenirs.

She and my dad worked so well together.

Dad had a full-time job as a writer and editor of technical manuals at Amarillo Air Force Base.    In fact, he was able to put in a lot of time after work building/creating.

What would he have done without my mom.

Mom, at least, did not have to cook.  That was left up to my grandma.  She loved to cook and was good at it.

Later, of course, my mom learned to cook and was a pretty good one at that.

Maw (my grandmother) left a big mess when she cooked.

Messy kitchen

We loved our grandma very much and by her example taught me many things.

I don’t think my mom ever got over the death of my grand mother.

She had the sweetest face and I loved to hug and kiss her.

She was intelligent and excellent at taking care of all of us.

She was not a housewife type of person.  She did keep busy at teaching and playing the piano.  She took me shopping and we loved to sit around and talk.

She and dad were voracious readers.  I was not until after I graduated from the university!

Dad was always busy too.  After working as an editor and teacher at the Amarillo Air Force Base, he would come home to finish his building project that he was doing at the time.

When the business was sold, he also loved to practice on the piano.  Mom accompanied students for the University where we lived.

They also played professional duo piano in the 1930’s and 1940’s.  Sometimes, they would play duo piano for fun at home.

two playing duo piano

Never a dull moment in the Wheeler family.

By the way, my mom’s name was Gayneyl Eby.  My mom told me that Eby was a Swiss name.

In the 9 years, we lived in Canyon dad built/created as an artist hand-made signs on the highway and on the curio shop; 6 unit motel; a 22 -foot cowboy; a 47-foot cowboy; a gunfighter museum; and taught a mule how to drink cokes out of a bottle.

a brown and white donkey

I did not realize that this was an unusual household.      .

It’s strange, that cowboy with his real Levi jeans effected us all, including my dad who built him.  He loved everything he created and built.  What an accomplishment!


I am a vain person and want to look good in my Levi© jeans or dresses, but at home I look a mess.

I enjoy my life.  I am using my creativity.  I have the best memories.  I find enjoyment in my retirement.

I am going to learn how to sew and to write a book.  I have always wanted to be a photographer.  I would concentrate on the sky.  I am going to take some sewing classes when my hearing is good.  A large sewing supply store has teachers teach people how to sew.  I am gonna go.

writerPhotographers taking pictures at sunsetsewing goods

If you have any questions or comments, I will try to answer you as soon as possible. Your feedback is very important to me.

So Please fill out your comments or questions below.

Also, keep checking my website, ‘501© Levi® jeans for men’ or findmejeans.com  because I will be writing more post stories.

My best wishes!
The author of the website, findmejeans.

You can email me at, Judith@findmejeans.com

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