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My Website is called, 

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WHAT’S YOUR WEBSITE ALL ABOUT? is about Commuters™ & 501® Levi® jeans for men.   

It includes the jeans & the products for commuters; such as, ‘best commuter bikes’,  ‘commuter bike accessories’  (lock, lights, and accessories) and ‘bicycle commuter clothing’ (from Levi Strauss) and the 501® Levi® jeans. 

Levi Strauss & Co was one of the first to provide commuter clothing for cyclists.  LS&Co was the first to produce the 501® Levi® Jeans. is about entertainment. is about giving yourself the best enjoyable time to read. is a time to decide on the purchase of any of the products on the Page section. includes the bikes for commuters; clothing for commuters (Levi clothes) and bicycle safety accessories.

Jacquard has the jeans specifically for the cyclist in high tech.

And that is what it’s all about.

The POST articles give the background and insight about commuters; the PAGES offer the products that commuters may want.

Product advertisement for 501 Levi jeans and commuter products.


Levi Strauss came up with a new line of jeans for the commuters™; a different choice of clothes more suitable for biking.

Levi Strauss & Company provided jeans® for the 47-foot cowboy.

You will hear more about commuters and jeans® from the Post articles.

But first, here’s to your jean’s® line-up for fashion’s sake!   Enjoy the entertainment.

be who you are i JEANS!

Mick Keus FashionWeek Amsterdam – MICKKEUS Jan 2016 from M I C K K E U S on Vimeo.

 ENTERTAINMENT  Brought lovingly to you from Judy.    Judy, owner of findmejeans

What’s the entertainment?          

The Post articles.         

 Are the Post articles related to 501® Levi® Original fit jeans?

The Post articles all lead directly or indirectly back to Levi® jeans including the commuters™ who commute to work or to just enjoy the ride.

How does everything lead back to Levi jeans? 

It starts with the building of the 47-foot cowboy.  From there the Post articles go to more true, unique stories taken from my memories from the 1950s and the 1960s.   

They are the steps through my mind.

Why are the Post articles entertaining?       

Because they are all true, original stories.   A few are informative, but still entertaining.  I meant for the articles to be entertaining and fun.

I wanted a different website.  One that takes the visitors on a journey with no pressure to buy anything. 

Unique huh?

Here at your fingertips.   from a funny old ladyme  sculpture needing refurbishment

I do Not look that old statue*&#!    I am only 74 years old!!  That is a broken down statue.


There is no rush to buy anything while reading the stories.   There is the adage that says that one learns something every day.  So here are the reasons you benefit from reading my true Post Stories.

TIME–Gives you time to choose to buy or not to buy the Products.

COMMENTS–It’s a Conversational piece to tell your friends.  That helps me when you spread the word about my Website; the more, the merrier.



This Website is a token of my memories.

In 1960, my dad built a big 47-foot cowboy. He had authentic Levi® jeans®.  After Levi Strauss & Co made the jeans® they became my passion years later and Levi Strauss and Company is one I have remembered always with respect and love since 1960.

“You can locate me at this address. email—

I will answer your questions in a timely manner!  I appreciate any comments you make or even find a subject to start a conversation with others.

I am excited to meet my visitors! In fact, I answer the visitors who make a comment or ask a question at the end of an Article.

Wait, Wait, Wait—

A rack of beautiful dress shirtsWait!   Do you hear that sound?  That sounds like a person wanting jeans in a closet that has no jeans!     (loud sound is heard)      He’s upset and yells,


  find me jeans!!****!   


Now, you can remember the name of my Website just by remembering these beautiful shirts in a closet with NO jeans.



I am hoping you will buy a pair of jeans and perhaps a few accessories when you want to order.  The bikes are great and the Accessories are especially needed by each cyclist for their safety.

If you have tried Levi® 501® jeans and want a few, you may want to visit the Pages, such as the   ‘501® jeans® to Order’  and the ‘Jean Accessories’ to show some neat items.

For the commuter™ products, there are the ‘Best commuter™ bikes’; Bike Accessories; and ‘Clothes for the commuters’ which are mainly from samples of Levi® jean’s® new applicable products for Commuters.

But you may want to read my Post stories.

Post stories memory

If you are a commuter, you should check out the locks and lights for your bike in the Pages.  I have chosen the best.  Do not forget to read about the bike commuters in the Post Articles.

If this is your first bike, there are only a few to choose from.

They are not expensive, but not cheap either.

The best bike, the absolutely the best in my opinion and judgment is the Fortified Bike.


It is only one speed which I personally like.  Later, an 8 speed will be introduced, but not for a while.

Check out the Post, ‘Commuter bike Reviews’ and read all about it!

However, you may go to some more Websites, and that is okay.  But please remember to come back.  You have the product AND the true stories to boot.

Commenting is the pulse of the story.  So, be sure to comment and give me your views or just say what you liked about the story.  That is important for any writer you come across.


Money for the jeans and accessories is the Price.                               

Joy for the Posts stories is the Reward.


My name is Judy.  Memories capture the essence of who you are. They may be fleeting, but once remembered, they can be revived.


If you like my Website, tell all your friends about and that it is about 501® Levi® original and tall & Big original fit jeans for men.  Now, it is about Commuters and the 501 Original fit jeans.

That will be so encouraging.   The more people who read, my reputation will grow as a writer.                                                                                                  picture of Judy owner of find me jeans website

These stories are important to me.  They are a legacy to my grown adult kids.   They are important to you for your laughter, pensive thoughts and relaxing moments.

They are important for my readers because I am the last person who is a witness to all the building of my dad’s works including the big cowboy built in 1960. 

I am 75 and the stories are not dated but are the creative endeavors that I discovered about myself and have shared them with you.



I think the first Post I would read is about the 47-foot cowboy: the one my dad built by hand, in order to get an understanding of why I wanted Levi® jeans® for my Website.   

This story relates to authentic jeans manufactured by Levi Strauss Sewing Manufacturing Company in 1960.  

47 foot statue of a big cowboy hand-built


Then read the Pictorial Exhibit Design.   This exhibit that I built is 8-feet in length and is 48 inches tall.  It is about my dad from the 1930s until his death in 1997.  (it seems we do things big in Texas) 

He was a creative genius.  Yet, he was a kind and humble man. 

My Posts stories are about my mom too.  But the cowboy wore Levi® jeans®. 

I was 16 years old at the time and am thankful for the memories. 

Most of my Website are the memories of the jeans, the cowboy, and especially my dad.   This quote applies to him.

Difference between talent and genius.

Suki, the black and white catWell, look here.  Suki, a very intelligent cat is telling me something.  So I have to go now.

Be sure to write your comments on the stories you read.  I really would like to know how you felt about them.



                Cotton/ Denim Background                                                        

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                    Everyone Has a Story

    10 Most interesting facts about denim jeans. 

               The How To Do—?

                    How to wash your jeans-by label and tips

                    Four Ways to Shrink Your Jeans.

               Jean History

                    Everyone Has a Story

                    10 Most Interesting Facts about Denim Jeans

                    Levi Strauss Story for Johnnie

                   The Story of Cotton-Can 100% cotton be denim?

               Where To Buy My Jeans?

  Product Review

                    501® Jean Orders


 Stories Relating Directly to Jeans. 

                    The 47-Foot Cowboy 

                    Levi Strauss Story for Johnnie   

                    10 Most Interesting Facts about Denim Jeans

                    About me   

 Stories Relating Indirectly to Jeans

                    The Pictorial Exhibit Design

                    Mule Story-Invitation to a Tea Party

                    Mule Story-The Unexpected Call

                    Mule Story-The busload of Kids

                    Funny Stories about the Cowboy

                    Everyone has a Story

 The “Plays” or Special settings Relating Directly to Jeans

                   Levi Strauss Story for Johnnie

The “Plays” or Special settings Relating Indirectly to Jeans

                  Everyone Has a Story

Personal stories–Memories of my life

About me

What am I all about

Pictorial exhibit design


The Commuters–The PAGES

Best commuter bicycles

Bike safety accessories 

Commuter clothing


The Commuters–The POSTS

Cycling clothing for men

Commuter bike reviews

Cool cycling gadgets

501®Levi® jeans and commuters



All words lead to jeans and some words make a sentence.   And all Sentences make a story. 

All stories are the entertainment corner of Posts.  That corner brings happiness, humor, and thought.


I love the mule stories about my Dad’s coke drinking mule he trained in 1954.   He would bray everytime a tourist bought a 10 cent coke from a coca cola machine.  It was on the front porch of the curio shop.   

I think of jeans when I remember Francis.   

Cowboys wore the jeans.  Francis liked the cowboys.  I like the cowboys too; at least the ones in the movies.  In the 1950s, cokes were 10 cents.

Brown and white mule


Levi Strauss and Company was well known.  Some books that were written included the word, “levis”.   It was the right word used in the novels of the 1950’s.

Jeans in schools were mostly prohibited.  Except in Texas, many of the small towns allowed young boys to wear jeans.  Here is a typical small town.

street in a typical small town in Texas

I take that back: some schools in Texas were opinionated about jeans and how they influenced the young kids.   Even in the 1960s, I was not allowed to see a movie starring Elvis Presley.

These “Francis” movies were famous.  People flocked to see the funny mule talk in his movies. 

The talking movie star, Francis was an example of entertainment.   Some of my writings have nothing to do with jeans, but everything to do with entertainment!

I will now show Francis, Trailer.  Francis in the movie reminded me of “our” Francis.    It is entertainment!  

An officer (Donald O’Connor) in Burma becomes a World War II hero with strategic tips from a talking mule.
Initial releaseFebruary 8, 1950
Box office2.9 million USD (US rentals)
Budget622,000 USD



“No matter who you are.  No matter what body type you are, everybody looks good in Levi® jeans.”               —Natasha K.

“There is so much to learn about Levi® jeans!  You really have a lot of information and I liked that.  Good show, Judy.”                    —Yolanda J.


So, put on your jeans®, get out a coke, and read one of my Post stories.  I am happy that you found my Website. 

It is my pleasure to present the 501® Levi® jeans, the post articles, the commuters, and some great accessories.   

 And if you have about 30 minutes to spare (you can always come back later), this video explains the looks of the jeans® from the 1930’s to mid-1960’s.  Maybe, you need to pop some popcorn too.


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