Why do I have articles about commutes?

My Website is about 501® Levi® original fit jeans and not commuters!!!

Why do I have articles about commutes too?

Articles about commuters and Levi jeans?

answer questions about commutes

That’s Number One question about why I have articles about commutes and Levi® jeans.


I have articles about commutes and Levi® jeans because the 501®’s, as well as the other Levi® jeans, were established in San Francisco.

San Francisco is one of the leading cities of commutes to spend a large amount in time commuting. The company was founded there.

I have great respect for LS&Co because of its history and about the two men who invented the iconic Levi brand.

The Levi Company was responsible for my dad’s 47-foot cowboy‘s jeans in 1960.

Do you see that A goes to B that goes to C that goes to D?

What is another reason why you have articles about commutes and Levi®jeans?

why do you add commutes to jeans

I have these articles about commutes since Levi Strauss clothes are popular in San Franciso as well as overall the country.

Yes, it is a great city for commuters. Commuters get lots of exercises there and in other cities too.

Cycling is a good way to lose weight and to enjoy the ride to work and back home again.

Let us take a bike commute ride from the mission to the financial district of San Francisco.  The rider’s name is Alan W. George.

According to Niall McCarthy’s article, March 16, 2016, that “out of 108 million working Americans, 76 percent drive alone. 9 percent carpool and 5 percent use public transportation.

But New York has different statistics states the article.

Have you been to New York?

Riding a bike or walking will get you there faster than driving at times.   Regardless, it is a busy city.

There are cities with a great density of cars which makes it difficult to get to work.   And that information will tell you yet another reason I write about commutes products.

The Big Apple, the most arduous for commutes, still averages 39.4 minutes each way.  San Franciso is not far behind that average.

This chart shows which U.S. Cities Have The Longest Commutes.

This chart shows the average time spent commuting to work every day in minutes.

My Point?  Many commuters who wear Levi clothes and love commuting by bike deserve a description of their joy and job on my Website.

Infographic: Which U.S. Cities Have The Longest Commutes | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

So, commuters need attention to their lifestyle.  They have what I call the pioneering spirit as did Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis when they first invented the life-long iconic blue jean.

Bicycle commuters are on the same standing as LS&Co.   And Levi Strauss recognized this by producing a new line of jeans just for commuters in mind.

Of course, I would still ask that you click the links to the pages above for those new jeans.   I am an Associate of Amazon, a really decent company, where I receive a small commission.

This is a Youtube video I found about a commute to New York City.

Guy Shach comments (published on April 13, 2012) that “Although numerous bicycle paths, lanes and routes are stretched throughout New York City streets, it seems that most New Yorkers and visitors prefer to ride along the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway.

As my fourth visit to New York approached, riding a bicycle in Manhattan’s busy streets seemed like a desirable activity.

I enjoyed both these rides, didn’t you?

Now back to commutes and 501® Levi® original fit Jeans.

Why are there articles about jeans and commutes?

why do you add commutes to jeans

Because then we have the best of two worlds.  Levi jeans and the commutes who wear Levi jeans.

The cyclists have the 100% new way to ride their bikes with the new best results of the Levi jeans.

When you walk a lot, or work a lot, or ride a bike a lot, you are going to be left with holes around the crotch.

What is a cyclist going to do?

We have the 501® Levi® original, but for the commute, those jeans now offer a durable denim that promises not to wear out sensitive areas due to strenuous activity.

This is the article about the best commuter jeans for riding your bike to work from the MEN’S JOURNAL by Greg Emmanuel that gives the story.  First the Picture of the jeans with a commuter bike.

Best men's commuter jeans


If a man wears jeans, even 501® Levi® jeans, and commutes to work on a bike will most assuredly get a hole in the pants seat or the crotch, surprisingly fast.

Levi Strauss & Co was the first clothing company, according to Greg Emmanuel’s article, to introduce a commuter jean line in 2011.

Many other smaller and newer companies have now offered pants made with durable denim that promise not to wear out the crotch area too.

The new name for the Levi® commuter jeans is 511® Slim Fit jeans.  Read on, please.

Levi®’s Commuter 511® Slim Fit Jeans

Mr. Emmanuel continues in the article, “If you already wear Levi’s, then you’ll transition easily into the company’s Commuter 511 Opens a New Window. line.”

(I am happily an Associate of Amazon and will be showing their line of commuter clothing which I receive a small commission.)

The article continues, ” The fit is somewhere between skinny and straight leg.

After you put them on, you’ll barely notice the differences between these pants and any pair of comfortable jeans.

And that’s the beauty of them. Made of 98 percent cotton with just a smidgen of spandex, they have a hint of stretch that makes straddling a bike and pedaling a bit easier.

There’s also an invisible finish that makes them water and odor-resistant and a slightly reinforced seat (also undetectable). —”  (sells a product)

These are not my words, but they are one of the reasons I wrote articles about commutes and Levi jeans.

I think of them as 501® Levi® original fit jeans for men that are now the new Levi 511 slim fit jeans for commuters on my Website, findmejeans.com

The name of the jeans are Levi commute 511 slim fit jeans.

Article from MEN’S JOURNAL By Greg Emmanuel about the best men’s commuter jeans for riding your bike to work.

Are there more questions why I write articles about commutes and Levi jeans?

A deaf person's isolation about being asked if there were questions why jeans are added with commutes.


None for her; how about you?

There are Posts articles now about the best commuter bicycles; bike safety accessories; and bicycle commuter clothing.

These Post articles are for entertainment and information.

The Pages include these same post titles and you can then if you so desire to buy one of these products–the Levi jeans and the jean accessories.   And all the commuter products are arranged for your benefit.

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