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Cycling is quickly growing as one of the favorite modes of commuting. Reasons may be to save on gas, losing weight, and being tired of the traffic.

Fortified City Commuter Bike - One speed

Regardless, biking to work has increased largely over the past decade. Bike commuting has become a serious culture.
The time to get into biking is now.

But even more so, it’s time to enjoy the thrill of cycling for experiencing, for example, the wind in your face, the scenery you have missed, people you can wave to, and coming home to feel exhilarated and ready to happily face the rest of the day.

The trip to work becomes an adventure. Of course, places like New York City, attention to the traffic is the first consideration, but still, it is an adventure for them.

Pedaling is a great way to lose weight and improve your skills with the bike. Riding a bike leads to a healthier body and a clearer mind. Read the rest of this entry

cool cycling gadgets

This first product is the Allen Sports Deluxe 4-Bike Hitch Mount Rack.   There are cool cycling gadgets like this hitch mount rack, and then there are bicycle accessories.  The bicycle accessories include the locks and the lights which are the ones that can save your life.

But, now I call all the Products found on the Page section, cool cycling gadgets”!!

commuter bike

A bicycle is a simple machine.   It has been gaining in popularity so much so that some manufacturers and newspapers have reported a multi-billion dollar expansion over the past decades.

That is true in that I have seen more people than before in the past that are now riding bikes to work.  I am also seeing a few people where I live just riding around in their bikes.

While most cool bikes have basic safety parts added such as the headlights and taillights, it is still fun to ride a bike whether it be to ride to work or just ride around. Read the rest of this entry

501 Levi jeans and commuters

Why do I have articles about commutes?

My Website is about 501® Levi® original fit jeans and not commuters!!!

Why do I have articles about commutes too?

Articles about commuters and Levi jeans?

answer questions about commutes

That’s Number One question about why I have articles about commutes and Levi® jeans.

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