The Pictorial Exhibit–

The Website is 501® Levi® Original fit and tall & big original fit jeans for men.

This site helped me with my decision to write about my dad.  I found the best way to write                                  Pictorial Exhibit about the man who built the big cowboy

about my dad was by designing and making the 8-feet long pictorial exhibit which ..included his

creative innovations; rare pictures, stories and other surprises.  

It was made of a heavy plywood with a centerpiece and two sides. 


I had always respected Levi Strauss & Co which is one of the reason

I decided last year to write about jeans.                                                                                    

In fact, 501 Levi jeans original fit and tall & big original fit jeans for men became my website.  

Knowing about the personality and the background of Levi Strauss also motivated me to

build the pictorial exhibit.   

But, the main reason I built my exhibit was to tell the public about my dad and why he was a creative genius. 

         So, are you interested what I included in the pictorial exhibit?



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