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The mule story–three and four

dark night road  The Mule Story–three

Read the mule stories in order.  The mule story-one-tells how the stories relate to Levi® jeans?    

                The Unexpected Call—dreaded and late

How would you react to a late unexpected call from the police when you are asleep in bed?

Find out how dad handled the call!
Francis is Keeping Company with the Police at 2:00 in the Morning.
It was a morning just like this.  A time for sleeping or else waiting forearly morning dawn dawn!
One late night late, dad received a call from the police.   They said, “Mr. Wheeler, you need to come out and take a look at your mule!!
A call from the police makes a polite complaint?
Dad rushed out and ran to the front of the curio shop where Francis was kept in the back.  With only his slippers and the same pants and shirt, dad wore earlier that night, he ran with tears in his eyes.  That mule loved dad and followed him everywhere 

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My mule stories–one

My Mule Stories-one-

Francis at a Tea Party at a fancy hotel downtown.


What do these stories have to do with 501 Levi original fit and tall & big original fit jeans for men?

Levi Strauss and my dad both had the same qualities and their way of doing business was similar.  I decided that these mule stories fitted in with the history of Levi Stauss & Co during the 1950’s.  
1950’s was the time dad trained his mule to drink coca cola out of a bottle; an innovative way to advertise his business, a curio shop named the Corral Curio Shop.  LS&Co also embarked on an innovative way for advertising and promoting his products.   Both a western motif. 
Both Levi Company and the curio shop catered to certain people.  Exciting times happened in the 1950’s for both the Corral Curio Shop and the Levi Company.  Let me begin this little saga so that all will understand why I included these mule stories.  These are my memories and I hope they will become yours too.

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My mule stories, number two

An introduction to Francis, our beautiful mule who loved drinking cokes and who entertained thousands of tourist over 50 years ago.

He is talking to you.  “Heeeee Haa.”

Now, you may ask me what does a mule story have to do with 501 Levi jeans for men?   I would say,  my vivid memories of those days of the big 47-foot cowboy, brings a wealth of reminders of the denim jeans that the cowboy wore.
Many tourists touched the denim jeans and the cowboy and put their kids on top of the shoe to take pictures.  But that memory extends to other things my dad did which the tourist enjoyed.
I wrote some stories recently that just reminded me of that day over 50 years ago.   Yep!  My mule stories.

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