Fun and famous coke advertisements in posters are used in this post.  They bring back memories of Francis, our mule who drank cokes the years of the following images.

Ten Interesting facts about denim jeans

Happiness is love and blue jeans.
Many people believe jeans were an American Invention and I thought so too but they were first found or got their start in Genoa, Italy.  It was a harbor town that made a certain type of material called a gene or jean.
When French visitors were in the little port town, they called the material cloth, “blue de genes”.  The “g” in French is a soft sound.  Now in English, the “g” is a hard sound.
Later after the Italians exported the material throughout Europe, the weavers tried to develop the jeans and were known as “serge de Nemes” meaning from the city of Nemes which was later referred to as denim.  501 Jeans.  

Your taste its quality



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