I am including in this post, the 501® Levi commercials from the 1980’s and 1990.  They were from Youtube Videos.  Do you remember any of them?   If you did or did not, they are fun and interesting to watch.  They are a little more than a minute long, so read the interesting facts and enjoy the commercials.

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Ten Interesting facts about denim jeans

Happiness is love and blue jeans.
Many people believe jeans were an American Invention and I thought so too but they were first found or got their start in Genoa, Italy.  It was a harbor town that made a certain type of material called a gene or jean.
When French visitors were in the little port town, they called the material cloth, “blue de genes”.  The “g” in French is a soft sound.  Now in English, the “g” is a hard sound.

Later after the Italians exported the material throughout Europe, the weavers tried to develop the jeans and were known as “serge de Nemes” meaning from the city of Nemes which was later referred to as denim.  501 Jeans.  


“The best thing to hold onto life is each other.”   Aubrey Hepburn

Levi Strauss was a German American who first started a company to manufacture blue jeans.  He first began his business by observing the people when he landed in San Francisco.  He noticed minors and others who needed sturdy work pants.

Levi was a hard worker.  He had learned to buy and sell





I heard Brat Pitt also wore 501 Levi® Jeans, but I do not have the facts about that.  Is there anyone who can inform me?  I was searching and got a short from a scene with Brad Pitt.  Maybe he was to emulate the great James Dean.



Here is an interesting partial list of well know people who have or still wear 501 Levi® jeans.  To see their pictures and short takes, see Fashion Telegraph.  (The older Version)  

Did this film about Brad Pitt remind you of James Dean who always wore his 501® Levi jeans?  It is a good thing Brad’s girlfriend brought him his Levi® jeans.  

How did she know he was getting out of prison?  Well, we don’s ask such questions if it is a Brad Pitt movie.  There is another film clip and may find it later to put it here.  Enjoy!

Marlon Brando; Ronan Keating wore 501®s for the Capital FM”S party in the Park in 2001.  Bruce Springsteen wore them on tour in 1985.  Mitt Romney, presidential hopeful wore the classic fit in March 2012;  

Barack Obama who threw the first pitch for the St. Louis Cardinals wore them there.  Geoge Clooney wears the classic fit with a leather jacket!    

Steve Jobs wears his iconic uniform with his 501®’s and a black turtleneck sweater for his Apple Products.  Alexa Chung wears cut-offs from 501® Levi’s;   Chloe  Sevigny usually wears vintage stone-washed 501® cut-offs.        

Edward Furlong,  Clay Aiken,  Sheryl Crow and Drew Barrymore wear Levi® jeans.


“I’ll never throw away my blue jeans.” –Susan Ford–

After leaving New York at the age of 23, Levi set sail for San Francisco with his brother-in-law and opened a wholesale business dealing in dry goods and selling such items as clothes, boots, cloth, needles, and thread,
But during the gold rush era, there were prospectors and miners than were the tools needed for them to work with; such a shovels, pickaxes, pans, clothing,  and tents.
Levi was a perceptive businessman and in time opened even larger establishments in San Francisco.
                                  Have a coke
I think I remember seeing this commercial in 1980.  In that year, I was still teaching adult refugees to learn Engish.  
Like this commercial, I had a blast teaching them and becoming their good friends! 


This is the old school where I taught English as a Second Language to refugees from Viet Nam, Cambodia, Laos,

Afganistan, and Russia.  

Emily Griffith Opportunity School downtown Denver

Food, water, denim.   Let’s get back to essentials.”

Jeans were later inspired by a customer whose pants kept ripping.   Jacob Davis was the man who helped the customer by adding rivets to his pants.
It was a new idea, so to get the rivets patented he called on Levi Strauss to help with the patient and to become business partners, and since Davis was wanting to protect his idea of the rivets (who by the way solved the customer’s problem) convinced Levi Strauss, a merchant owner of a dry goods store to become the business partner..  
                                             sign on old building in Kilgore

“No matter how hard it gets, let’s just be happy that today is Friday, payday, and we are allowed to wear jeans at the office.”

Levi Strauss went on to San Francisco and manufactured the sturdy work pants of minors, and hard working factory workers.  The first to benefit was the minors.  They needed sturdy pants in the mines.  Later, when Levi Strauss used the rivets the minors were happy that the pockets were reinforced for things they had to put in them.
He went on to make jeans for the woodcutters, farmers, and cowboys.  Levi had the reputation of making a sturdy pair of pants.
    coke break

“An expert knows all the right answers if the right questions are given to him.”

After World War II, jeans became very popular with the people in Europe.  American GI’s would wear then off duty in Paris.   (later other countries were informed about the jeans)
It became a fashion item at that time.  A kiss was okay, but jeans were great and many women and women wanted a pair.
Nothing beats a coke

“When in doubt, wear jeans.”

Jeans were once banned in certain settings.  It used to be that coveralls, before 1950, were used by workers.
But after 1950, teens called them jeans and they became popular by the younger generation.   But they were banned at certain places such as schools, movie theaters, and restaurants because they were seen as a form of rebellion against conformity.
woman holding coke and going skatingBefore Joan Crawford owned Pepsi, she was the paid sponsor of Royal Crown cola.   There were other actors who got paid for sponsoring Royal Crown cola.  The actors were Bing Crosby, Ann Baxter, Loretta Young and Dorthy Lamore.

Does this bring back memories at a glamours time in history?

My favorite place where one could buy a coke for 10 cents was at my parents’ curio shop business.
And this poster shows coke even cheaper!  But it was a good medicinal medicine for a headache.  
     drink coke poster
When I was with customers, I would buy a coke.  Francis, our mule, that lived behind the curio shop would do his song routine,  Heee-ha,  Heee–ha and that was to get the person to give the bottle of coke to him.  The stories I wrote about Francis were true.   

I wrote this website to entertain people and to show how much I love the LS & Co, the memories, the Capri pants, bobby socks,  hula hoops, stilts and the movies about Francis, the talking mule with Donald O’Connor.

Dad taught Francis to drink cokes.  The stories I wrote reminded me of the time when jeans were just ahead of our rebellion and my independence.  I loved that mule.  The stories should be read in a reading group while everyone drinks coke and wears their favorite Levis.   I shut these eyes for this vision.  Thanks, Mr. Levi Strauss.   My dad and you were so much alike.    Well, that is another story.

Is it true that they put cocaine in a bottle of coke?   Here are a few posters that advertised the movies about Francis the Talking mule in the 1950’s.   They were funny and I still remember a few.
Did you know that women wore their jeans zipped on the right side? I put a poster of Sugar Ray Robinson.  We all have heard of him, but I have never seen him fight.  What about you?  I know so little about him.
         Sugar Ray Robinson and coke

“I want to die with my blue jeans on.”–Andy Warhol–

Since the teenager went to the movies with their dates, friends, and family, of course, Hollywood got into it and used that symbol of rebellion in several movies.
The most noted was James Dean in “Rebel Without a Cause.”
Marlon Brando also was seen in a movie as a rebellious motorcycle gang member who wore the symbolic rebel jeans and the real leather jacket.
That made the jeans even more popular.  Many actors have played roles while wearing their Levi® jeans.  James Dean was an icon for fashion cool.  His role in Giant was a short part, but one that was remembered by all.
              give a nurse a break


This video was from a television commercial advertising (I had thought) the 1984 Olympic Games.  It is a catchy tune remembered by many people.   Listen to the times of TV advertising; to name a few.  It is too bad I do not remember this commercial and was pleased to hear it now.


“Mom, come on, the commercial’s over!”

Levi Strauss & Co. has used clever entertaining and creative advertisements since the early beginning.
The first one was by word or mouth probably, since his jeans were very sturdy for the minors and Levi was an honest man.  In fact, many times you would see Levi Strauss walking around the various people who needed sturdy jeans,   It is probably a good guess they knew him and asked him questions.   He was an up close advertiser and at his small company knew the names of his employees and talked with them.  He was not able to do this when his company became large.

” Mom, would you shrink my jeans?  My jeans are loose and I am smaller.”

She used the hot bath method.  It worked a little, but I think she did not stay in long enough.   You will the various ways to shrink jeans when they are too large.

” Gifts makes slaves.—Levi Strauss”

In the beginning of his business to minors in San Francisco h, knew all the worker’s names and a little about them.  Often he would stop to converse with them.
Levi never wore jeans, but he valued quality and availability for the people who bought his jeans.   My dad never did either, but his kids did!  And statue of his big cowboy with the real
Levi jeans and the coke machine on the porch by the door.   The big cowboy with his right foot on top of the Corral Curio shop
This is a great black and white picture.  You can see the coke machine and the building to the right was the Cowboy Cafe with the old fashioned record box.   Can you hear the song by Roy Oberson?
                                                                                                                                                        The cowboy and the Wheeler's Corral Curio shop
Having no wife, Levi was able to devote all his time working at his company.  He expected his employees to work hard too and they did.
This was the years when a handshake between two businessmen, sealed an unwritten contract.  He may not have wanted to wear his own product, but I have an idea that he would have loved to drink a 10 cent coke.    He worked hard to bring a sturdy Levi® jean for those minors and the farmers.


refreshing to drink a coke

So I guess this is a note to end on for our Levi Strauss images of old posters but they are new to those who have not seen them before.    I will now sing this to you.  (music plays and Judy sings)

 “I hope you all enjoyed these advertisements and will hum this tune whenever you may feel down because remember, the song’s words say,  Everyone has a story and that makes your story and your day important.”

Please, just write a short comment or you can ask a question.   Let me know if perhaps you may have a favorite “old” TV commercial you remember.                                             Very good reading
If you have the time, Click on the comments at the beginning of article  Thanks again.  Your views are important to me.  And did you enjoy my story and my website too?   I had fun and I hope you did too,  My best!  Judy

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