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What’s it all about?            It’s about two different things.           Cut the mystery!


It’s about ‘501® Levi® original and tall & big original fit jeans for me

Here’s to find your jeans for fashion’s sake!   Enjoy the show.


Mick Keus FashionWeek Amsterdam – MICKKEUS Jan 2016 from M I C K K E U S on Vimeo.

   The SECOND ONE     What is is about!
 Your Entertainment.   Brought lovingly to you from Judy.    Judy, owner of findmejeans
 What’s the entertainment?          The Post articles.          Are the Post articles related to 501 Levi Original fit jeans?
They all lead directly or indirectly back to Levi  Jeans.
How does it do that?

Look for the 501 Original fit jeans; the man, Levi Strauss; the man, William Harry Wheeler; special time jeans, for Levi   

Why are they entertaining?       

Because they are all true, original stories.   A few are informative, but still entertaining.

Unique huh?

Here at your fingertips.   from a funny old ladyme!   sculpture needing refurbishmentNot that old!*&#>>>>>>>>>>>


What’s the benefit of reading these stories?

Gives you time to come back again to my website when you may have more time.

There is no rush to buy the 501 Levi Jeans.  I will provide the links in case you are ready to buy or just to look see what I have.

  1.  The more you read these Post stories (not boring stories), the more time you can tell your friends about my Website.
  2. Learn to appreciate   I will be giving a link soon to the company, itself.  “We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.”
  3. Examine the Product Review on the Page.   Get a clear insight into the 501 Levi jeans.  Just read it like a Post.
  4. The stories are fun, interesting and full of surprises.   The more you read, the happier you are to start off the day.
  5. By reading the Post stories, you will not be hounded to buy the 501 jeans. 
  6. Gives you time to choose to buy or not to buy the Products.  Invitation to continue reading Posts articles is still for your entertainment.
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  8. E-mail only to notify special giveaways or new Posts and Web sites.


How will I remember your Website?

Think in pictures!   Listen to this storyWhat would you say if you had only beautiful fashioned shirts but, no jeans


A rack of beautiful dress shirts


“There is a rack from a closet that has beautiful dress shirts in All colors and styles.  But listen, a man is upset.   He shakes his head.

“Oh dear, he laments, the rack of beautiful shirts in my closet but no jeans.” 


The next morning, two men are taking a break and this is the conversation.    

listen in a conversation



Bob:  “Are you ready to add some jeans and accessories to your wardrobe?
For fashion’s sake?”

Wes:   “Is your Website about Button-fly jeans?”

Bob:   “Yes! The title is “501 Levi original and tall & big original fit jeans for men.”

Wes:   “Why Levi jeans? Where can I reach you?”

Bob:   “In 1960, my dad built a big 47-foot cowboy. He had authentic Levi jeans.                                                                                                                          After Levi Strauss made the jeans, they became my passion years later.”

“You can locate me at or email—

A rack of beautiful dress shirtsWait!   Do you hear that sound?  That sounds like a person wanting jeans in a closet that has no jeans!                         (loud sound is heard)         He’s upset and yells,


find me jeans!!****!   


Now, you can remember the name of my Website just by remembering these beautiful shirts in a closet with NO jeans.   


My views and motivations and bits of memory.

Some of the Pages give me a much-needed income.                

Money for the jeans and accessories is the Price.

The Post corner of true stories is personal.                                

Joy for the Posts stories is the reward.

My name is Judy.  Memories seem to capture the essence of who you are.  I have two adult children, grandchildren and a great-granddaughter I have not seen. 

I have been divorced from my second husband and my first husband I assume is dead.  I am a retired school teacher. 

If you like my Website, tell all your friends about  That will be so encouraging.   The more people who read, my reputation will grow and will build people’s trust.                                                                                                  picture of Judy owner of find me jeans website

These stories are important to me.  They are a legacy to my grown adult kids.   

They are important for my readers because I am the last person who was a witness to all my dad’s works including the big cowboy built in 1960. 

I am 74 and the stories are not dated but are the creative endeavors that I discovered about myself.


I think the first Post I would read is about the 47-foot cowboy: the one my dad built by hand.  This story relates to authentic jeans manufactured by Levi Strauss Sewing Manufacturing Company in 1960.  

47 foot statue of a big cowboy hand-built


Then read the Pictorial Exhibit Design.   This exhibit that I built is 8-feet in length and is 48 inches tall.  It is about my dad from the 1930’s until his death in 1997.  (it seems we do things big in Texas) 

This is the right side that folds to the center.The folding right side of the pictorial exhibit

The left is Duo Piano Event and the Band Director Event in my dad’s early life.  The middle part takes place in the 9 years we lived in the small town of Canyon, near Amarillo.

He was creative and built many things. (motel, museum, the cowboy statues, the signs, and some stories about our mule, Francis)

So, please make comments at the end of each story when you read the Post articles.  I would appreciate it.  In fact, I would like people to get in a conversation about what you read on these stories.

One comment alone is helpful for others to write something.

Please, leave your email so that I may contact you later for a new Website or more information.  Let me know if you absolutely do not want any contact.  I will honor that.  You still need the email address, but I will not write anything about you it.   Make sure that is clear in the comment section.

the black and white kittenWell, look here.  Suki, a very intelligent cat is telling me something.  So I have to go for now.

Be sure to write your comments on the stories.  I really would like to know how you felt about them.

501 Levi original and tall & big original fit jeans for men

  The table of Contents

  1.  Some extracts of some Post articles.  Can also be found on the blogroll Page.
  2.  Site Map (my own and unofficial)
  3.  Navigational menu
  4.  Legal issues
  5.  References


1.    The Post Article Extracts-the Entertainment Corner

branch of a cotton plant
The Story of Cotton tells interesting facts about cotton.

A bale of cotton makes how many jeans?

Is denim cotton?

Do you know why the cotton gin is important in the making of jeans?

Would you like to see a video clip of young people line dancing to the song and lyrics to “The cotton fields back

home.”?        You’ll start dancing and singing too.  See the end of the Homepage.


the 47-foot cowboy built by Wheeler

The big 47-foot cowboy is standing with his right foot on top of a porch.  He weighed 7 tons.

In 1959, my dad began to build the cowboy.   Well, they do things big in Texas, so the hand-made cowboy was 47-foot tall.

The shirt is a real material.  The jeans are authentic Levi® jeans®!  Do you have questions?

On this story, you can watch a cowboy movie!   The cowboy is a rancher who worked very hard on the range.

Dad had to paint the ‘Stetson’ hat and the face.  Do you know how my dad reached that high?   Do you know how tall the cowboy is?

laundry dryer

How to wash your jeans.    That woman is doing her laundry.  How difficult is it to wash your jeans?

She learned by the label and tips from others.

There are ways to do it.  But the best way is to read the label.  The next is to read my Post.

My advice is definitely to turn them inside out first thing.  Just remember hot water and a hot dryer will shrink those jeans.


Right side of pictorial exhibit

The right side and the left side of the Pictorial Exhibit Design fold to the center. It was built in 2015.

Facts about this pictorial exhibit:

A.  It was designed by me, Judy.  It is 8-feet long, and 48 inches tall.  It is considered Dad’s legacy.

B.  It is about my dad, who built the 47-foot cowboy and this exhibit tells more about his life.

C.  It covers the period from 1935 to dad’s death in 1997.

D.  It includes stories, rare pictures,  rare old items, and other surprises.  It is heavier than plywood.

The events are listed horizontally and the details are listed vertically.  You too can create a pictorial exhibit for any purposes.


San Francisco Bay map

The Levi Strauss story for Johnnie   is a different type of biography.  Of course, the story about Jacob Davis who was the true inventor of Levi® blue jeans.   Both of them formed a company.

This story is different because it is a two-way conversation between a grandmother and her grandson named Johnnie.

Johnnie’s father wears 501® Levi® original fit jeans and he wants to wear them too when he grows up.

Johnnie listens to his grandma’s stories about Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis and makes his own

comments.  You can tell when Johhnie says something and how grandma answers him.

She shows him pictures and makes it interesting. There are two nights that the story takes place.  “Good night Johnnie.”


The Trucker by Levi Strauss


Adidas tennis shoes;  London Fog trench coat;

Coats;  Dress shirts;  Polo T-Shirt;  regular t-shirts;  Cufflinks;

ties;  Levi Trucker jacket;  athletic socks; Loafers;  Plus+++

What would you like for me to add?   You can comment on any Post stories, but Accessories is a Page.  (no comment section)


Four Easy Ways to Shrink Your Jeans

A boiling Pot or Cauldron

A.  The way of the bathtub-hot water-sit in it-wear it wet-dry in sun

B.  The way of the boiling pot-hot water-what part?-dip it

C.  The way of the spray.

D.  The way of the dryer


2.                                A General Site Map of Website

            Cotton/ Denim Background                                                        

                    The Story of Cotton-Can it be cotton?                                               

                    Everyone Has a Story               

               The How To Do—?

                    How to wash your jeans-by label and tips

                    Four Ways to Shrink Your Jeans.

               Jean History

                    Everyone Has a Story

                    10 Most Interesting Facts about Denim Jeans

                    Levi Strauss Story for Johnnie

                   The Story of Cotton-Can 100% cotton be denim?

               Where To Buy My Jeans?

                    Product Review

                    501® Jean Orders


 Stories Relating Directly to Jeans. 

                    The 47-Foot Cowboy 

                    Levi Strauss Story for Johnnie   

                    10 Most Interesting Facts about Denim Jeans

                    About me   

 Stories Relating Indirectly to Jeans

                    The Pictorial Exhibit Design

                    Mule Story-Invitation to a Tea Party

                    Mule Story-The Unexpected Call

                    Mule Story-The busload of Kids

                    Funny Stories about the Cowboy

                    Everyone has a Story

 The “Plays” or Special settings Relating Directly to Jeans

                   Levi Strauss Story for Johnnie

The “Plays” or Special settings Relating Indirectly to Jeans

                  Everyone Has a Story

Personal stories–Memories of my life

About me

What am I all about

Pictorial exhibit design

My Quote about navigation:

All words lead to > jeans and some words make a > sentence.   And all Sentences make a >story.  All stories are the >entertainment corner.  That corner brings >happiness, humor, and thought!

3.     My Own Navigation Menu

Connection:   homepage > Table of Contents> blogroll 

Comment:       The homepage tells what the Website is about.  The table of contents and the blogroll that gives specifics.

Connection:   Jeans® > denim jeans facts > Tall order > 47-foot cowboy > funny stories > about Judy > pictorial exhibit > Legacy > Levi Strauss and W. H. Wheeler ,  a lot of varied things 


The Website is about 501® jeans®.  One fact about denim jeans is that they are 100 % cotton. 

That 100 % cotton weave was made into threads that ended up making the jeans for the 47-foot cowboy;  quality testing at each step of the way.

It was a tall order I, Judy wrote my site thinking about the funny stories and the big cowboy my dad had built. 

He did a lot of varied, things and was a businessman and creative genius just like Levi Strauss.

I made a pictorial exhibit as a legacy to Wheeler and his art.  Both W. H. Wheeler and Levi Strauss were alike: creative and perceptive businessmen.

Connection:    wash > shrink > review > solved > buy or not > accessories >


But what does a visitor want to see when he/she visits a Website like mine?   He wants to learn more about and read reviews of the products.

If he likes the product and thinks he is getting a good deal, the problem of what to do is solved.

He trusts Judy who is giving the product review.  He either will buy or not buy the 501® Levi® original fit jeans (or the tall & big size).

He soon discovers there is a Page called Accessories’  The visitor wants to wear some accessories for the jeans.   You got it!

The visitor clicks on a link and buys the Levi Trucker Jacket.The Trucker Jacket by Levi Strauss

Connection:     mule stories > [Levi Strauss the man > Jacob Davis the man} >entertainment >coke drinking mule >remember jeans > Strauss Quote > {slaves chopping cotton > civil rights> women seamstresses} >


More than the money, Judy would like everyone to read her stories for entertainmentOne that is appropriate for the 501® jeans® 

I love the mule stories about my Dad’s coke drinking mule he trained in 1954.   He would bray everytime a tourist bought a 10 cent coke from a coca cola machine.  It was on the front porch of the curio shop.   

I think of jeans when I remember Francis.   

Cowboys wore the jeans.  Francis liked the cowboys.

A group of cowboys

Jeans, at the time of the mule Francis, was as mysterious as the boys and girls older than I was.  

Levi Strauss and Company was well known.  Books were written that had the word, “levis”.   It was the right word used in the novels.

Jeans in schools were mostly prohibited.  Except in Texas, many of the small towns allowed young boys to wear jeans.

I take that back: some schools in Texas were opinionated about jeans and how they influenced the young kids.   Even in the 1960’s, I was not allowed to see a movie staring Elvis Presley.

Some country and some city folks had not caught on that the appalling jeans were not dangerous.

I have a link to Francis the talking mule DVD because I know the black and white movies are funny and the visitors will enjoy the

1950’s movie very much.   

These “Francis” movies were famous.  People flocked to see the funny mule talk in his movies. 

The talking movie star, Francis was an example of entertainment.   Some of my writings have nothing to do with jeans, but everything to do with entertainment!

I will now show Francis, Trailer.  Francis in the movie reminded me of “our” Francis.    It is entertainment!  

An officer (Donald O’Connor) in Burma becomes a World War II hero with strategic tips from a talking mule.
Initial releaseFebruary 8, 1950
Box office2.9 million USD (US rentals)
Budget622,000 USD
woman reading for entertainment

When I was in middle school, I was there for the following events  

It was a time that the teens were independent and rebellious.

It was a time period for tight jeans, bobby socks. Pat Boon, the blues music, 

capri pants for women, Francis, the talking mule stories, and the ads. about the Levi® name and reputation.


I consider Strauss and Davis to be “the man”!!  They reminded me of my dad and his innovative genius and perception.   

The longest Post article I wrote was “Everyone has a story.”  It is about two history teachers taking a trip to one of the teacher’s hometown.  It is a play with two acts and one intermission.

One of the teachers wanted to speak to her old grandma about the slaves as a subject for her history class.

She had never chopped cotton before but soon learned how difficult the job was due to the back bending work and the heat of the Oklahoma sun.

She now knew how it must have felt for slaves chopping cotton in the field all day long!Slaves in a plantation

A Quote by LS&Co tells how Levi Stauss in the early 1960’s had hired black American women seamstresses at a Levi Strauss Manufacturing Company located in a Southern town. in Blackstone, Virginia.  But there were problems.  At the time, Levi Strauss decided to have a sewing factory there. 

The City of Blackstone had thought the Levi Company would have a segregated sewing facility.  They did not consider the women who were told they could not work in that and other factories.   The city gave no thought to a consideration that these women they were being kept from working had families to support.  No, race and other issues would be shared by Levi Strauss company, they thought.

One of the managers doing the negotiations by the name of Tom Harris made it clear to the city planners that the Levi Company would go elsewhere if the city did not comply with the integration policy.

It seems the town needed the income that Levi could provide for the city of Blackstone and Levi Strauss Company prevailed.

Levi Strauss & Co was ahead of their time.

It is an interesting story dealing with an unyielding commitment to integration despite the reactions of fellows after the War and during the 1960’s.

Levi Strauss Company hired the ladies before the civil rights act was passed in 1964 that banned employment discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin.

This statement from www. shows the innovative and creative endeavors to relate to human suffering from the past.  Levi Strauss & Co desegregated their factory before it was “Federally mandated and four years before the civil rights act.”  Read the interesting story.

The Post article, Everyone Has a Story, reminds us that no one was able to free the hard-working slaves, but in modern 1960’s before the civil rights act, Levi Strauss and Company freed the women seamstresses who were slaves by being unable to work due to segregation.


The history teacher was thinking about the slaves in America and Levi Strauss was concerned with another type of slave in modern times.

picture of Judy owner of find me jeans website

A black American woman who could not find work due to prejudice and the slaves in the south before the civil war in the United States were, in my way of thinking, both eventually freed from slavery.  So, put on your jeans®, get out a coke, and read one of my Post stories.



court of Law, justice in court

4.    Legal Issues
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  • The pictorial exhibit about William Harry Wheeler
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5.     References 

Who reads books for searching facts

On the Footer

A. Copyrights of the Website,

B.  Pictures from my inheritance in 1997.  All pictures of the cowboy, extra pictures on the website of the cowboy

C.  Pinterest has some pictures already copyrighted

D.  The stories on the Website have an automatic copyright.

REFERENCES LIST (some with citation, some with a name of their website)

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Here is a Quote from Levi’s®    “Circles” celebrates our individuality and connectedness through music, dance, and Levi’s®. When we come together, we dance in circles. We move as one and celebrate the individual who takes the center. Unity and individuality come alive.”